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Often called the thinking area of the house and space where you freshen up first thing after waking up and last thing before going to bed, the bathroom is an integral room of your living space. It an be quite a challenge to design a bathroom that is both beautiful and functional, and the challenge increase when the space available is not too large. A good design can transform the bathroom from looking cramped and uninviting to a place place where you feel good to be. In this article, we will share 10 design ideas for small bathrooms which you can easily implement and make your small bathroom appear to look big

Go for a wall-mounted toilet

When your bathroom is compact in space, ditch the regular floor-mounted toilet and install a smart looking wall-mounted toilet. Since this type of toilet has all the back-end piping sealed inside the bathroom wall, it is pushed maximum towards the wall and makes your small bathroom a spacious look by releasing more space. Premium facilities available at agarwal floresta oak malad east with spacious living area

Don’t let a tub take up endless space

Leave the tubs for those large bathrooms which have acres of space to play around with. For your small bathroom, we suggest installing a smart space saving tile shower system with designer shower handles and water controls.

A wet-bath is perfect for small bathrooms

Why cramp up your compact bathroom with a large shower curtain and make it look smaller. By installing a wet-bath with a fixed glass divider, you can keep the water inside the shower and also give your bathroom a smart look.

A large window makes the bathroom brighter

If your builder has given you a small window in the bathroom, you should break it and install a bigger window which will let more light come in and make the bathroom brighter. It will also lower your electricity bills as you will not need to switch on the light during the daytime.

Floating vanities for more space

Increase the usable space in your bathroom and also make it look bigger, by opting for a floating basin sink fitted inside a floating vanity which bolts to a wall, thus leaving ample space below.

Declutter with compact storage

Get a fair estimate of the maximum small, medium and large units you will be storing in the bathroom and then accordingly build customised compact storage spaces which will comfortably store them all, without giving an oversized furniture look to your bathroom.

Opt for open storages for things of everyday use

While deep drawers are best for large bathroom items, we suggest you neatly store small items such as soaps and shampoo bottles openly in the inset shelves on the slim window ledges. Inset shelves are ideal for story daily use knick-knacks without taking up precious flooring space.

Contrasting patterns and colours add space

Adding a mix of beautifully contrasting colours and patterns to the decor mix will give your bathroom a bigger look by stylishly overwhelming the decor. Combine light coloured walls with dark coloured floors will visually increase the size of your bathroom. Experience Elegant lifestyle and modern living at agarwal floresta oak malad

Big tiles for a bigger look

Give your bathroom a visually big feeling by choosing extra large tiles for the walls, mostly in pastel shades as they will lend a brighter and bigger look to the bathroom.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

You can visually double the look and feel of your bathroom by strategically placing a single piece mirror across the large wall. They will also make you bathroom appear brighter by reflecting the lights from the window and the light fixtures.

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