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5 best accessories to hype up your Cherner counter stool

No matter how stylish a piece of furniture is, it can never be truly captivating if it hasn’t been accessorized just right. In fact, solitary confinement and presentation may just end up making it feel isolated and dull. Similar is the case with the Cherner counter stool. It’s stylish and attractive, but can you imagine it without proper accessorization? No, right?

So, further we’ll be looking at 5 best accessories that can hype up the presence of this bar stool in your homes:

  1. An oversized accent planter



The major outlook of the Cherner counter stool is very wood-oriented. It’s naturally appealing, so what better way to accessorize it than with nature itself? A gorgeous indoor planter set on top of the adjoining bar top can make the stools look even more charming than they look all alone. The green of the foliage would provide excellent contrast against the wood textured surface of the stool, and the overall impact is definitely on the gorgeous side. Just take a look at this image as confirmation.


  1. Trendy wall art



If your bar is the type that leans against a wall at one end, then you can accessorize your Cherner counter stools with the best of wall art.  It can be in the form of an abstract piece that contrasts with the color scheme of the stool. It can be a compact triptych artwork set that matches with the adjoining countertop. Or it can be in the form of an oversized accent clock that feels like the epitome of contemporary modern aesthetics. It all totally depends on your tastes and personal style.


  1. Three-part vase arrangement



You might have heard of this décor fact: accessories always look best in clusters of odd numbers. 3 and 7 are a fan favorite. So, if you decide that you need some oversized statement pieces – like ceramic or stained glass vases – to complement the sleek, organic aesthetic of your Cherner counter stool, then make sure that you pick an odd-numbered formation. The blue vase and fruit bowl collection featured in this image is definitely an excellent inspiration for such an idea.


  1. Light fixtures always matter



The thing about bar stools – especially one as iconic as the Cherner counter stool – is that it needs proper lighting accentuation to feel truly amazing. This is why you can use the glow and overall design of your overhead pendent lights to accessorize the stools. So, if the stools are wood textured, the lights can be sleek and modern to initiate contrast and vice versa. This image showcases a great example of how you can do exactly that.


  1. In-built bar lights



While separate light fixtures are a brilliant way to accent the presence of your Cherner counter stool, you can also use in-built bar lighting such as toe-kicks and under-counter strip lights to add a whole new dimension to it. The halo of these lights would not only enhance the curvature of the stools, but also make it feel highly glamorous and futuristic.

So, these are some of the tools that you can use to accent the presence of your Cherner counter stool. Many of these accessories are just a gateway to experiment with trinkets that catch your eye on the side.a

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