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5 Home Decorating Trends to Follow if You are Planning to Do So

Everybody loves a redecorating their existing homes or invest in a new one. This very newness contributes to mind, body or surroundings and also motivates people to reinvent themselves apart from redoing their homes. Living.ca home décor has listed a few trends you can have a look at when it comes to home redecorating.

  1. History repeats itself

Vintage has always been the hottest trend. It breathes life into repurposed as well as refurbished home furnishings. Professionals can predict styles ranging from the 50s, 60s, and 70s that entails tapered legs, geometric accents, and curved seating. So always steer clear from overdone and matching décor and choose a playful ensemble from the eras of 50s, 60s, or 70s. Apart from vintage being in style, it is perfect for using older furniture pieces in a new perspective.

  1. Choose bold

When choosing color, go for bold. Apart from turquoise and green being famous, you can also go for bright pink. You can also go for subdued colors like sage green, barn red and mocha brown. It won’t come as a surprise for you when you see neon colors being used for furniture. Ranging from lime green and vivid orange to Caribbean blue, these colors can breathe life into an outdoor space. Also, keep in mind that wallpapers have made a comeback! It has and always has been a great way to add a bold pattern to a space with no addition of any costly artwork.

  1. Ceilings

Embellished ceilings have become famous when it comes to home décor. Nowadays, ceilings are painted in bold colors, enhanced architecturally or prominent chandeliers are being hung from them. When seeking a fun and chic look, you can hang a chandelier in spaces like bedroom, closet or even your bathroom.

  1. Keep it simple

As the sizes of the homes shrink, there will be a thriving need to keep things arranged and in their designated spaces. It is important to have an organized home when it is smaller in size, so anything that comes in handy to keep the space neat should be preferred. Bonus if it turns out to be functional. For instance, storage ottoman.

  1. Go ecofriendly

This surely isn’t a new trend, but this will never fade away. Now that people are more enlightened on the importance of going green, it can positively impact the environment, people will be encouraged to use recycled products and invest in LED lighting.

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