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5 Reasons to Replace Your Windows 

In some situations, window replacement is necessary. This applies to homes with damaged or old windows and doors. Windows have their lifespans you know. Some last 18 years, some even 45. Whatever the case, you should be aware of their age and check the warranties at least twice in your life. 

Window replacement is becoming the renovation project of the century! Everybody is doing it, from average homeowners to corporate building lessors. We recommend to contact your local windows and doors company for your next window replacement project! 

Even if your windows are in average, livable shape, window replacement still offers extraordinary benefits. Here are 5 reasons to replace your windows:

  1. Curb Appeal

As technology keeps on improving, manufacturers are finding ways to combine high efficiency with high aesthetical value. So, if in the past vinyl framing didn’t add much to a home’s style, today it is a much different scenario. To spice up your curb appeal even more, you can install authentic shutters that match your front door. Color symmetry is a goldmine on selling day. 

  1. Return on Investment 

Modern homebuyers are looking for two major things in a house: energy efficiency and curb appeal. New windows cover and improve both. This is why such a project has a high return on investment. 

Depending on the framing material, size and neighborhood, a new window can have a ROI of 82%. A good tip is to always have better windows and doors than your neighbors. This will make you and your home stand out. 

  1. Energy Cost 

We mentioned that new windows improve energy efficiency, but how do they exactly accomplish this? Well, quality windows bring quality insulation in the home. This means that you won’t be facing: draftiness, leaks, looseness, difficulty operating, rot and pesticide.

When none of the listed above are present, you have proper heat retain in the home. That means that you won’t be turning on the HVAC in the summer or the furnace in the winter that often. Modern, new vinyl windows have been known to cut energy spending to 15%. 

  1. Safety 

Besides protecting you from cold winter breezes, new windows will also protect you from menaces like burglars and intruders. The modern window glass on the market is impact resistant, preventing easy and quiet break-ins. 

Intruders will also have a much harder time cracking the locking system since new window locks are almost impossible to manipulate and break. 

Note: Remember to mind your emergency exit plan while replacing your windows. You must have at least one approachable and easy to open window so that you could exit in difficult situations. 

  1. Comfort 

You get to live in a wonderfully decorated, energy efficient home without draftiness and outside noise, with glass almost impossible to break and with higher market value. You might think that it is a perfect scenario, but no, something is truly missing. 

Did you know that new windows can save your skin, furniture, flooring and artwork from UV damage? Modern windows that are of high quality let enough natural light pass through while also protecting the interior from hazardous UV rays. Sounds nice, right? 

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