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6 Most Popular Bathroom Vanities to Bring Home This Year 

Vanities can create an entirely new bathroom out of your existing one and take the interiors to the next-level class in new bathrooms. The perfect pieces at vanités Entrepot Cuisine, that are made with high-quality wood, usually start at 24″. They can, however, be customized to be 30″ to 36″ for small bathrooms, 42″ for medium sized bathrooms, and 48″ to 60″ for big bathrooms. Just as there’s so much variety is size and material, likewise, there’s a lot of variety in the type of vanities too. 

Have a look at some of the most trendy hot picks from 2021 in the guide below. 

  1. A Pedestal Vanity

This one’s most preferred for bathrooms with very little space. It doesn’t have storage cabinets as such. It’s basically a very high-quality sink and washbasin that improves the aesthetics and hygiene of small bathrooms manifolds. 

  1. Free-standing Vanity

Much like the Pedestal bathroom vanity, a free-standing vanity doesn’t have storage cabinets. However, it is used to install two sinks at the same time. Its minimalistic appearance is its UPS. You’ll find it installed in many five star resorts and hotels. 

  1. Floating Bathroom Vanity

Now, this vanity is a very creative concept that gives the bathroom a contemporary charm. It’s mounted on the wall. It has enough storage space to accommodate all the essentials. In fact, this one can be a brilliant addition if you install a pedestal vanity due to space shortage. 

  1. Under the Sink Bathroom Vanity

Another popular option, this is the kind of vanity that looks glorious in medium-sized bathrooms. It is designed with drawers and compartments to store not just essentials but also towels and bathroom slippers. 

No matter the interiors, it looks beautiful with all decors. 

  1. Vessel Bathroom Vanity 

The concept is much like under the sink vanity, the difference is that this one sits right on top of the counter. The kinds of elaborated designs and patterns that this vanity can display will literally take your breath away. It’s so unique and spacious that you can also use it to store your makeup. 

  1. Cabinet Bathroom Vanity

Doors, pull out cabinets, drawers and whatnot – this is a luxurious vanity that can be used as a wonderful full-size closet in itself. You can store your towels, bathrobes, hair dryer, slippers, even clothes, makeup, and anything else that you can think of. 

To sum up, the kind of vanity that’ll look good and practical depends upon the size of the bathroom and your requirement. So, keep both these factors in mind when buying a bathroom vanity. 

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