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A Comprehensive Guide to Home Insurance Related to Fallen Trees

Trees are beautiful and amazing, but what happens if a tree falls on a property and cause damage? Can you claim the home insurance in such cases? The answer to this simple question lies in the cause of the damage and terms and conditions of your policy. Tree Pruning Toronto Service provides you a comprehensive guide regarding the fallen trees damage and home insurance.

Claim for tree Damage: For any claim, it is important to understand whether the damage is accidental and sudden or gradual damage. Many home insurance covers the sudden and damage caused by risks and perils. If a fallen tree damages the property due to extreme weather conditions like a thunderstorm, heavy rains, winds, etc, then you can claim the insurance.  The gradual fall due to rot and decay are not included in this coverage. For example, if the house is damaged because of roots penetrating into the walls of the house, then it is not covered by the insurance.

Types of insurance cover related to tree damage: There are different insurance Tree Pruning Toronto policies related to damage caused by the fallen trees. Insurance usually covers the damage caused by rains, storm, lightning, thunder, hurricanes and other extremes of weather. There is all-risk policy also available against the named perils policy. In this case, check the terms and conditions of your policy.

If a fallen tree causes damage to your property: It entirely depends on the actual cause of the fall. If the tree was healthy and had fallen due to the sudden and accidental cause, then you will most likely, receive the claim amount.  If a tree falls due to the wind and doesn’t cause damage to the property, then the insurance company will not cover its debris removal.

If a tree in your premises damages your neighbor’s property: As per the Insurance Information Institute, major storms can carry branches and other tree parts to neighbor’s house. He can then claim for such damage from his own insurance policy. Only under the circumstances of negligence and no maintenance from your end, you will be responsible for the damage.

Deductibles related to home insurance:  If the damage amount is negligible, you may decide not to go for the claim. In major claim when damage amount is huge, there may be a large loss deductible waiver.

Tree Removal Coverage:  There is no insurance claim if there is no damage to the property due to fallen trees. In case of damage, there are limited coverage conditions for removing the debris to a maximum dollar limit like $500 or $1000.

Claim for Tree subsidence: Subsidence is caused by clay soil. Here the roots of the tree get too close to the property.  Clay soil shrinks upon drying. If the roots are too closed to the property, the roots will suck water leaving the foundation to sink. Most of the time, subsidence claims are pricy and therefore, the company usually sends an adjuster to assess the claim.

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