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A Few Pointers about Pool Layout

Momentum Pools can build or remodel any swimming pool, whether it be an indoor lap pool on the top floor of an apartment complex or a backyard pool that is swarmed by neighbourhood kids on the hottest days of summer. When building in-ground pools, we consider you, the customer, first and foremost. In response to the client’s brilliant suggestion to mount an acrylic viewing panel over his preexisting pool, the architect remodelled the home to have a large acrylic viewing window in the main living area.

The Art of Making the Most of a Limited Resource

The aesthetics of modern swimming pools are a direct result of these developments. The market value of real estate is increasing as people construct bigger and bigger homes on less and smaller sites. This directly reduces the quantity of land available for use in setting up a swimming pool. Because to changes in building codes, technological breakthroughs, and enhanced construction techniques, swimming pools may now be built up to and even beyond the boundaries of properties and structures. Optimal use of the space is made possible in this way.

This is a huge change from the pools of the ’70s and ’80s, which are commonly used as a benchmark for new pool installations today. Back when we were young, it seemed like every child either had their own pool or spent a lot of time at their next-door neighbor’s. Back then, quarter-acre lots were standard, and 16-square-meter houses were common. Backyards often had free-form pools with a complete paved surround, and no pool fences. When compared to lots less than 600 square metres, greater than 40 square metres in size, and completely surrounded by a fence, this is a huge difference. Choosing the inground swimming pools Austin is essential here.

  • Though quite modern, this pool was constructed in the conventional fashion, with the pool located in the middle of the yard and a paved area around it. Observe the patio where the pool is located.
  • Even though it is brand spanking new, this pool was constructed in the tried and true fashion of having the pool serve as the focal point of the backyard, complete with a cemented perimeter. Consider the pool area.

Therefore, we focus a lot of our early design advice on where to put the pool and the pool fence so that you may maximise the usable area. In brief, this may be stated as follows:

It’s important to avoid having too much of your garden blocked off by the pool.

When working with a limited amount of space, taking use of an already established fence is a great option for a pool fence. When compared to other solutions, this has distinct benefits.

If you just plan on using the pool in the summer, there’s no need to leave as much room within the gate. In addition, you should always have an adult there to keep an eye on your children whenever they are in the area enclosed by the pool fence.


You can get by without using the whole pool’s circumference. The sole stipulation is that either one or both sides of the pool must be accessible. In the same way, a paved border around the whole space is included in this.

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