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A Homeowner’s Guide on Surge Protection


No matter where you live, your home is quite likely at risk of a power surge. A surge is an electrical disaster that can damage any unprotected appliances in your home. It is most effective towards larger appliances that consume more electric power since they have greater access to electrical systems and can be overloaded more easily. It is important for you as a homeowner to understand the risks that a power surge carries, and take precautions accordingly. 

From disconnecting major appliances to getting a power surge protector, the following guide may help you have a better idea of what power surges are and how you can deal with them. 

What is a power surge?

A power surge refers to a sudden spike in current or voltage, which results in excess electricity running through the power lines are reaching any outlets which are turned on at the time. Any appliances connected to power can be seriously damaged, sometimes even beyond repair. A power surge can occur due to both man-made and natural causes.

When talking about man-made causes, a power surge often happens when a grid switch takes place from your electrical provider, or when a lightning strike takes place near a power source. The spike in current running through power lines can cause a lot of damage, and may even result in irreversible damage in extreme cases. This is dependent on how strong the power surge it, and what it targets.

The following is some more information on power surges, as well as some precautions that may help you lessen the damage it can potentially cause.

The Damages it May Cause

The spike in voltage from a power surge does not last very long. It is often only for a fraction of a second, but the damage it causes can be fatal. It can harm the electronics in your home, and in severe cases, even start a fire. At the very least, you may have to spend a lot of money replacing some important electronics in your home; worst-case scenario, if the fire spreads too much, it could result in your home being burnt down.

The damages from a power surge can be temporary or permanent, but will still cost you a lot of money to repair. Other than that, it can be quite inconvenient for homeowners to deal with a perfectly functional home getting damaged. This is why taking precautions beforehand is a good idea.

How to Protect Your Home during a Surge

Fortunately, there are certain things you can do once you learn about an approaching power surge. This can help protect your home in the worst of situations, and the damage from any electrical disasters can be greatly reduced. Try to do these as soon as you learn of an approaching power surge, and your home will be considerably safer.

Disconnect Major Appliances

The safest thing you can do for your home is disconnect all major appliances before the surge hits. This will cut off power from your home, which means even if a surge occurs, no electricity will be flowing through the power lines, and will be unable to reach any electronics in your home. The drawback to this tactic is that you will have no access to electricity whatsoever, so you might not be able to use smaller appliances, or even access the internet.

Get Surge Protection

For homeowners who cannot take individual precautions to avoid a power surge, getting a surge protection service for their home is a good idea. This service affects the power lines leading to your home, as well as your home’s internal circuit in a way that it becomes much less harmful to your appliances during a power surge. An alternative to this is getting surge protectors, which are devices that act as a bridge between your home’s outlets and your devices. The electronics are plugged into the surge protector.

Keep an Eye on Updates

When a power surge is about to occur, you will most likely be updated one way or another. A good way to keep an eye on updates is by looking at the weather. Once you learn about an approaching lightning storm, you can immediately put these precaution into effect, protecting your home before the surge strikes. This situation may also lead to a prolonged power outage, so make sure you are prepared for that as well.

As far as your electricity provider goes, they will almost always update you beforehand through a notification. Once you find out about an impending grid switch, you can prepare for it by disconnecting your major appliances and having your internet backup ready for use. Following these precautions should provide your home with decent security to last through the surge.


Electrical disasters can generally cause a lot of damage and must be avoided at all costs. Power surges can be a danger to both your home and life, which is why knowing how to prepare for them in advance is an absolute must. As a homeowner, it is your duty to ensure that your home is as safe a place as it can be, so that you can live your life in peace and create a safe space for you to lead a healthy and productive life in. The previously mentioned guide will help you learn more about power surges, and thus, understand how to best tackle them, even in unforeseen situations.


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