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A Smart Guide to Saltwater Pool Maintenance

A saltwater pool is getting an extremely popular choice with many because of its numerous advantages. Many think of it as a no-maintenance pool, but it does require maintenance of a minimum level. We thus share some tips on maintaining your saltwater pool to optimum efficiency.

  • Regularly measure the salt level

A major requirement of this pool is to have its salt in the correct range. Measuring the salt level at least once every week and adjusting it to the desired level will keep the pool clean by best pressure side pool cleaner and the water fresh for a much longer time.

  • Keep pH balanced

Compared to chlorine pools, salt pools have a higher pH. For a salt pool, its value between 7.4 and 7.8 is considered healthy. It should also be checked weekly and adjusted using muriatic acid.

  • Keep the salt chlorinator clean

The salt chlorinator or salt cell is the most important part of the pool without which it cannot work. It creates chlorine using the pool water and eliminates the need to add extra chlorine from outside. Chlorine is essential to kill algae and other microorganisms. The cell often becomes filled with mineral deposits which need to be cleaned frequently. You must also consider salt cell replacement at specified intervals by your pool expert to keep your pool in optimum condition and reduce your energy bills.

  • Clean salt from the bottom

The salt content of the pool tends to deposit at the bottom to form brownish or yellowish stains. These must be regularly cleaned and removed using a pool brush. Regular sweeping of the pool can prevent this deposit from building-up. You can also use an in-pool cleaning system that can prevent deposition and keep the pool clean.

You can take various other maintenance above ground pool steps like sealing the pool correctly, cleaning its filters, maintaining the stabilizer chemistry, etc. These are pretty easy but will increase the lifespan of your pool.

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