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A Step by step guide to install floor tile


It might look fairly simple to install a floor tile from online tutorials, so simple that you would like to Do It Yourself. But even if you are an amateur, you can become little of a professional installer. All that is required is little planning and preparation. Scroll this article down and learn how to lay down a decent looking floor with floor heating Toronto by heavenly heat step by step guide:

Step 1: Prepare the subfloor: If you plan to install floor tiles, you need to prepare the floor first by removing debris and other unwanted materials and cleaning it. You can make the surface imperfection free by patching with a waterproof patching compound. If you plan to install tiles over wood then, ensure that that the subfloor is 1.5 inches thick. You can make the subfloor thicker by adding a concrete backer board which is available in 1/4″ or 1/2″ thickness. 

Step 2: Make the floor layout: The secret of the good looking floor is the proper layout. Use chalk lines, snap lines with 90-degree intersection at the room center can make the lines straight. You need to form a 90-degree angle with tile. You can correct the gap between the last tile and the wall by adjusting tiles.

Step 3: Mixing mortar: Store mortar at 50 to 70-degree temperature. Mix water into the mortar to get the ideal medium consistency. Use the mix within 30 minutes of being prepared. 

Step 4: Apply mortar: Apply mortar using the flat side of the trowel first. Then, spread the mortar uniformly by using notch trowel at a 45-degree angle. Spread the mortar within 15 minutes. Maintain the same mortar height by applying it horizontally.

Step 5: Install tiles: Press the tile unto the mortar by hitting with a rubber mallet for proper adherence. Let the mortar dry for 24 hours undisturbed. Use tile spacers between each tile. Remove excess adhesives from the tiles.

Step 6: Cut the tiles if needed: If required, cut the tiles in the last line. You can use nipper or wet saw for cutting. Avoid centerpieces of the tiles.

Step 7: Consolidating the joints: Once the tiles are in place and set up to 24 hours, now is the time to fill the gaps and consolidate the joint. Mix the stand until all pigments are dispersed and a uniform color is obtained. This mixture is to be applied within 20 minutes. Use a grout float to apply on the joints. Remove excess grout with the help of a sponge. 

Step 8: Grout sealing: Though optional, this step will give a more lasting effect by floor heating Toronto by heavenly heat. Seal the grout at least 72 hours after it has been applied. This will reduce the amount of water seeping below the floor tile and wipe the excess sealer with a dry cloth.


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