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A Young Professional’s Guide to Renting in London


It is pretty obvious that London is not the cheapest place that you can live but this high cost is because of how magnificent and desirable it is. There is so much to experience as a resident of the capital city and the financial hub of the United Kingdom. There are many houses and apartments available for renting but finding the right one for you is the uphill task. The elegant and quality rentals get picked up quickly meaning you will have to practice a little patience and be witty to get exactly what you are looking for. Chelsea in London is one of the places you can find good housing in London. Here is a handy guide to renting in London;

Subscribe to property alerts

Take your search online as the first step in finding a quality rental to call home. The internet is full of information on vacancies and upcoming properties in the market. Estate agents and property owners post vacancies on the web all the time and you need to set up an alert to notify you every time a vacancy is available for property to rent in Chelsea and other places too. Do not forget to go through each notification to every time because you never know when you find your ideal home.

Look into your budget

As mentioned, London is not a cheap place to live but as long as you got the financial ability, there is something for everyone. Rent for houses and apartments are different, depending on various factors such as the location of the apartments, the size, and quality too including services offered by the realtor. There are quite many estate agents who can help you rent a property in Chelsea when looking for property to rent in Chelsea. Consider comparing the rent of some of the apartments identified as potential homes to your budget. Do not bite more than you can chew. Get your finances in order then go for an apartment that is within your financial reach and offers you value for your pay.

Location of the apartments

Depending on certain aspects of your life such as health or age, it is imperative to give much consideration to the location of the apartments. Remember, the location also plays a key role in determining the amount of rent you pay. Proximity to your workplace should be one of the things that guide you in choosing an appropriate locality to live. There is no need for paying so much while commuting daily to work, expenses which can easily go beyond what you would use living close you your place of work. Propinquity to social amenities such as shopping malls, banks, hospital, and parks should also receive much thought. Love yourself a little bit more and get an apartment that allows you easy access to these social amenities without much struggle.

Understand tenants’ rights and responsibilities

As a tenant, there is a contract that you are required to sign as you assume tenancy in the apartment of choice. Some apartment owners are quite cunning and add or omit certain clauses in the tenancy contract intentionally to bait you and earn extra cash besides the rent you pay. The government website has all these responsibilities and rights of being a tenant and it is advisable that you visit the website and go through them one by one. Know and understand them all like the back of your hand and apply them if you want to enjoy the services you get from the money you pay for rent.


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