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All About Digital Door Latch


Digital door latch (กลอนดิจิตอล, which is the term in Thai) is an economical and easy to install security solution for houses and buildings.  This type of door latch requires an authentic means of access. The keys are allocated to a less number of people due to safety reasons. There are keyless options also available to enter the building.


There are two primary types of the digital latch. They are:

  • Electronic latch (requires power to operate)
  • Mechanical latch (operated mechanically without power)

Which Doors Are Suitable For A Digital Latch?

A digital door latch is installed based on the model selected. The various kinds of doors are timber and wood doors, UPVC doors, aluminum and glass doors, and external doors. There are a wide variety of ranges offered to meet the level of security.


The benefits of digital door latch are as follows:

  • This type of door latch is generally keyless. You don’t have to carry a bunch of keys whenever you go out.
  • Since the doors are keyless, there is no chance of getting the keys stolen.
  • It is ideal for homes as the nurses/caretakers can access the property through the general passcode.
  • It can be used by other family members as there is no need to change the codes every time.
  • Some have remote control technology that gives fast access to the property.
  • It is suitable both internally and externally.
  • You can get it installed with existing door latch fittings.
  • It is used in schools, offices, homes, flats, and apartments.

Where Are Digital Latches Used?

Digital latches are extensively used in public properties like hospitals, schools, and offices. Several latches are installed to secure every area of the building. Additionally, it is used by several caretakers or nurses who want to have independent access to the building.

How Does It Work?

Digital door latch includes units known as actuators. A small motor is connected to the bolts or cylinders inside the door. An electrical pulse controls the engine that can be used in multiple ways:

  • Electronic Card Reader: It is a prominent type of digital latch. It is very convenient to use.
  • Keyboard Lock:This type of door lock requires a password to unlock the door. You only have to type the code and unlock the door.
  • Wireless Remote Sensors:It is extensively used in cars. It operates through sensors that help to unlock without the key.

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