Answering Your ADU Concerns

Have you ever thought about adding extra living space to your property? An accessory dwelling unit, or ADU, may be the most viable option. As this building style continues to gain traction, more and more construction companies are offering ADU buildings as part of their services.

You may have heard of these dwellings but have your own concerns regarding them and their construction. Thankfully, one of California’s most reputable ADU contractors, Acton ADU, can provide you with the answers you are looking for. By the time you finish reading, you are bound to contact them and get prepared for your own build!

What Exactly is an ADU?

As previously stated, an ADU is an additional living area on the same land as another principal residence. These units are intended to increase the quantity of housing available on the same amount of land, as well as to create additional housing alternatives that might otherwise be unavailable. ADUs exist in a variety of forms, sizes, and layouts, and they give extra living space in regions with limited space, such as urban communities.

Because of their capacity to create rental revenue from a single-family dwelling or another adequately ample land, they may also function as excellent income-generating properties. Furthermore, ADUs often have connected constructions that make use of existing utilities. When wanting to extend living space, they are a more cost-effective option than traditional buildings.

What Can I Use an ADU For?

Even though these units are typically used for additional living space, they can be used in any way that your heart desires. Some other common implementations include the following:

  • Libraries: Sometimes, you need a quiet space to relax in. An ADU can be built with bookshelves and comfortable seating in mind. This can also be an excellent place for those who need a place to study.
  • Gyms: Having a nice area to exercise in can be difficult to find in your main house, and gym memberships can be pricey. An ADU can hold all of your equipment without issue.
  • Home Office: Just like a library, this gives you a quieter place to concentrate. If you typically work from home, using an ADU for your office will make your main home feel more like a living space again.
  • Art Studio: Let your creativity have more room to soar by using your ADU as a studio! You can keep all of your supplies safely in one place without cluttering up closets and bins in your house. You can even convert it into an area for photography if that is more of your style.

If you choose to make your ADU a living space, you could use it for aging loved ones or even rent it out to others as an extra way to make money. Just talk with Acton ADU about any possible restrictions your city may have on this first!

Am I Allowed an ADU?

As you might expect, ADUs are not above regulations or laws. Many cities and neighborhoods have their own ideas on how homeowners can utilize their property. Acton AU works with over 40 regions of California, so they have a knack for knowing the legality of these dwellings. Along with talking with their ADU contractors, you can speak with your city’s officials for more information.

How Do I Pay For One?

Building an ADU will increase the value of your property, but that means you will also be paying more to have one, let alone build one. Thankfully, there are a few ways that you can make the cost easier to deal with. If someone is moving into your ADU, you can consider using the money made from selling their previous home. You can also look into home equity or liquid assets to help you out.

Acton ADU is able to help you figure out your ADU financing with ease. They know everyone has their own money situation to deal with and can be flexible with you. Please make sure you are upfront about what you can afford, as this will also help them with the entire building process.

What Makes an ADU Different From a Guest House?

You might have seen a lot on television about a fad known as a “tiny house.” These units are sometimes even smaller than an ADU and are usually set on wheels. Many people like to place them in empty lots, but they must be on the property of another home if they do not come equipped with full utilities.

Because they are not fixed onto the property, there are a lot of strict laws on them in California, which makes them difficult to keep. Not only that, but they can be much more expensive than an ADU because you are building a whole new area instead of just adding to your current property.

If you want to create a space that offers more area for guests in a price range better for your budget, consider an ADU first.

Why Should I Choose Acton ADU?

If an ADU sounds right for you, you need to make sure you choose the correct contractor for the job. When searching, you should see who is properly licensed and insured for the job. Along with that, you will want to have an idea of some of their previous work to ensure that they won’t do a sloppy job with your own dwelling.

Acton ADU stands out above the rest for a reason. Through their over 30 years of experience, they have been able to learn the ins and outs of the laws in over 40 California zones. This means they will have an idea of what restrictions you will need to work with way before they sit down to make a blueprint with you.

Making you happy is key, so they have many interior design options for you to choose from to make your space unique to your needs. If there is something they can’t do, they won’t keep that a secret. They will tell you immediately so that you can reflect and work together to find a new option.

Every detail is laid out to you, from a scheduled timeline to the cost of building materials. This is your space, so they want to be sure you are fully included in the process. Otherwise, how would you know that they’re creating the ADU you had planned out?

Acton ADU knows that your new dwelling is more than just a box or a space to exist in. It is a place to live and make memories in. For any further questions or to start your project with them, visit www.actonadu.com. The final result will surely wow you.

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