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Asphalt Roofing Materials- Types and Uses

Asphalt or bitumen is made with the molten petroleum by the process of refining. The asphalt is very thick in nature and therefore, it the best roofing material widely used by the Mississauga building supplies. There are various types of asphalt so that you can choose the best as per your requirement. Here is the listing:

  1. Asphalt Shingles: This is the best substitute for the roll roofing and is used during windy conditions. Handling this type of asphalt is quite easy. It is best suited for small sizes. There are two advantages of Asphalt Shingles: Firstly, it’s easy transportation from one place to another and secondly, it’s easy replacement after any damage.
  2. Fiberglass mats and organic shingles mats: During the installation process, the asphalt gets absorbed into the mats. In this case, the choice of the fiberglass mats or the organic shingles mats is the most suited option. Organic shingles are quite heavier as compared to the fiberglass one. However, fiberglass is widely used asphalt nowadays as this provides a new and the modern look to the construction or house.
  3. Single layer and double layer coverage: You can choose any of these asphalts as per the weight of your roofing. A lot also depends upon the person installing your roof. When you are having the light weighted roof, then the option of the double layer is good but, in case if you are having heavyweight roof then the single layer is the best option.
  4. Natural and Modified Asphalt: The major difference between both of these types of asphalt is their cost. When you are working with the natural type of asphalt, then it lacks the process of refinement. This automatically reduces the cost. On the other hand, when you are using the modified one, then, it involves refinement which makes little costly as compared to the natural one. But with the modified one, you need not worry about the weather and climatic changes. Modified one is the best suitable for every weather modifications.

Natural asphalt becomes hard during the winter season and more prone to damage. The modified type of asphalt has a longer life and can withstand winters. It is a long term investment too.

Take away point:

Asphalt comes in different variety of forms. You should choose the type depending upon the place and weather conditions. It also depends on the type of roofing you are going to do in your house.

Choose the best Mississauga building supplies for getting the right type of asphalt to make your building great and attractive.  For more information just visit the website of the best Mississauga building supplies.  Moreover, you should use that type of asphalt which is having a long-lasting effect and must be in your budget.

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