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Benefits And Limitations Of Click Lock Rubber Tiles


Click lock rubber tiles (กระเบื้อง ยาง คลิกล็อค, which is a term in Thai) has garnered a lot of popularity in recent times. It is a highly durable and efficient flooring material. It possesses all the features that are perfect for a modern flooring style. If you are thinking of having rubber flooring at your home or office, you must also consider the advantages and drawbacks associated with the flooring. However, you need to look into every aspect before opting for this style.

The blog post will assist you with the choice of click lock rubber tiles. Read along to know the benefits and limitations of it.


There are numerous advantages of choosing click lock rubber tiles for your flooring decor. These tiles are resistant to heavy traffic and workouts. Thus, it remains an ideal choice for any space. You will get several style alternatives to choose from. There is no adhesive required to install these tiles due to their lightweight and interlocking pattern. The best part of rubber flooring is that you don’t have to remove the whole flooring if damage occurs. You can remove only one piece, i.e., the damaged one, and you are good to go. The rubber flooring provides a safe, durable, and low-maintenance surface that is perfect for harsh environments.  


Apart from the several benefits, the interlocking rubber tiles come with a few drawbacks. If you want to install this flooring style in large spaces, it is very time-consuming. Moreover, the untextured tiles do not look seamless after installation, and the seams will allow the water to move towards the sub-flooring. Therefore, it will make the floor slippery when wet. One more thing that we cannot ignore is the unpleasant smell that comes after a couple of months of installation. 

Should You Consider Them?

If you are thinking of giving a premium look to your home and office floors, rubber flooring is expensive. The tiles may cost up to USD 2 per square foot and can be high up to USD 15 to USD 20 per square foot.  However, the flooring is effortless to maintain. You can just mop the floor with a damp cloth. It is advisable not to use harsh chemical detergents on it as it may destroy the texture of the flooring. If we look from a design perspective, it is a good option due to its wide availability of colors.

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