Best Kitchen Counters for the Look of Timeless Brilliance 

Kitchen counters have the ultimate power to make or break the entire look of a kitchen. When chosen and designed by experts, there’s no way that the kitchen you have won’t look exactly like the one you wanted. Besides, the counters like the Cuisines Rosemere kitchen counters that are the result of the imagination of brilliant designers are not just aesthetically rich, they’re equally practical too. 

The most popular and worthy counters out of the many popular countertop materials have been listed below. Do have a look and then decide which one will be the right option for you. 

  1. Granite Kitchen Counters

Granite is a brilliant example of idealistic natural stone that gives a kitchen a customized look. How? Well, every piece of granite is different. What’s more? 

  • Granite is tough and resists heat.
  • It is resistant to stains when sealed by experts. 
  • Sealed granite is abrasion resistant and moisture resistant. 
  • It is tough, easy to clean, germ resistant, and low-maintenance. 
  1. Quartz Kitchen Counters

Perfect examples of man-made excellence, quartz is one of the toughest materials out there in the market. There’s no way that you won’t find something that’s exactly like you wanted since quartz can be made in every color and every shape and can be refined in any texture of your choice. Other excellent features of quartz countertops are as follows. 

  • They are literally waterproof. 
  • They don’t catch stains, moisture, germs, and scratches. 
  • They resist heat and scratches.
  1. Dekton Kitchen Counters 

Lightweight and super tough, Dekton is made by compressing Quartz, porcelain, and glass together. As a result, it’s very very dense. 

  • Dekton countertops are waterproof. 
  • They do not react with chemicals in food. That’s why they maintain their color and texture for decades. 
  • They are impact resistant, UV resistant, and heat resistant. 
  1. Neolith Counters 

If you really care about the environment, there’s nothing that’s better than Neolith counters. The features that you should know before buying them are as follows. 

  • They are fully recyclable. 
  • They are tough and water resistant. 
  • They can naturally resist high temperature and scratches. 
  1. Solid Wood Counters 

There’s nothing better or brilliant than solid wood cabinets like the Butcher Block counters for the replication of rustic charm. 

However, we wouldn’t recommend real wood if you’re a lazy person since real wood requires a lot of care and maintenance. But you can maintain wood, there’s every reason for you to install these cabinets in your house. 

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