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Bed mites are one of the varieties of blood-sucking parasites that live in houses, apartments and other buildings. They easily crawl independently from an apartment to an apartment, carried by birds, and also by rodents. Where do bed bugs come from? How to deal with such an unpleasant accident? To successfully destroy this blood-sucking army, you can use the tips below.

Why are there bedbugs and how to take them out House

  • Freezer room
  • Physical destruction by steam
  • Professional drug destruction
  • Insecticides for household use
  • Rules for the use of chemicals
  • Folk medications for bed bugs

How to cure bites

Where do the bugs come from?

Bed bugs are considered to be one of the oldest insects. Scientists suggest that they appeared in the Middle East and lived in the caves with bats and other living creatures. The very first mention of such parasites refers to 400 BC. The ancient Romans and Greeks called these externally harmless insects, vampires, and sought methods to combat them. You can visit https://cleanhomeguide.com/best-mop-for-laminate-floors/ for the best  solutions.

Reports of them found in the writings of Aristotle, Pliny

Parasites became known closer to the 11-13 century in Europe. The middle Ages were characterized by general anti-sanitation, which was a favorable condition for the reproduction of many insects, as well as bed bugs. They could be found, like in the poor man’s hovel, so in the rooms of the barons and dukes.

Why are there bed bugs and how to get them out of House

Different and rather strange methods were used to destroy such animals. Very popular were “bugs”. A small device, in appearance that looks like a small teapot, was filled with coal. He heated the water that was inside, that came out through the nozzle in the form of steam and penetrated the most difficult points. Moments later, special spirits appeared who declined unexpected guests. Various plots were also used against domestic insects. For example, “bed bugs go on rafts” and the likes are there.

What bed bugs look like

Most people have never seen bed mites. Their structure resembles a small coin with a diameter of 4-8 mm. They have a triangular head with a trunk that they numb the bite and suck blood. After feeding, even the smallest individual has almost doubled. The body color of the insect varies from saturation degree from brown to red.

Why are there bed bugs and how to take them out Image

The only food from such insects is human blood or animal blood. How to bite bite in bed? Only insects attack the sleeping person when they feel no danger. After making a bite, the parasite continues to crawl. At night, one person can leave up to 7 bites on the body.

The causes of bed bugs

Clogs are classified as blood sucking insects, so eating is the most important condition for their existence. They feed on the blood of pets, people.

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