Choosing the Best Tiles for your Kitchen

Just like other areas in your home, the kitchen can have different kinds of tiles that improve the overall look of the space. When picking tiles for the kitchen, think about where these products will go first. You will want to install glossy tiles on the wall instead of on the floor. You need to choose flooring tiles that are safe to walk on. When picking the right kind of tiles for your kitchen, consider the following tips:

Decide where the Tiles will Go

Before choosing tiles, it is important to determine the surface they will be installed. You can place tiles as a backsplash behind the stove or on the wall to the upper cabinets’ underside. Also, you can use them as countertop materials or on kitchen floors.

Understand the Different Kinds of Tiles and their Applications

Tiles are resilient materials laid in over a surface in rows. When choosing tiles for the kitchen, your options include ceramic, quarry, porcelain, stone, and glass tiles. Applications such as cork, vinyl, and bamboo tiles are common in flooring. Porcelain, ceramic, and quarry are common for counters and floors.  For walls and backsplashes, glass tiles are quite popular. Check out Carreaux Metro liquidation ceramic tiles and make the right decision.

Decide on a Budget

Tiles for kitchens can be expensive. Make sure you set a budget before you fall in love with a type of tiles. Also, ensure you stick to this budget so you don’t go overboard in your purchase. Take your time doing your research to find different options at varying prices. Tile and improvement shops can help come up with an estimate of the amount you need for your tiling project.

Think about the Lifestyle of your Household

While tiles are resilient, you still need to keep them clean so they will last. But, every material differs in their longevity. For countertops, ceramic tiles are durable and can hold up to heat from hot pans. Also, they are easy to clean and maintain. However, they may have an uneven surface and can easily chip or crack. It is important to consider the lifestyle of your household to ensure it matches with the tile finish you pick.

You will need to pick floor tiles that can withstand heavy traffic, spilled foods, pets, and cleaning supplies. Pick floor tiles with a slightly raised pattern or texture to allow for a safer kitchen floor.

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