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Different types of roofing vents and their benefits

Each house comprises of different types and number of vents. The number of vents your house requires will depend on several aspects. In general, the amount of space (number of square feet) in the roof attic is a decisive factor in choosing vents. If you install reliable and durable vents, you can expect a quality attic that serves your purpose. Also, many regions in Canada have made it a requirement to install vents on every house so the residents will experience better ventilation.

The main purpose of installing a vent is to increase the ventilation. So, placing vents should be done with the assistance of a roofing expert. With that said, here are some of the main benefits associated with roofing vents.

  • Vents maintain a comfortable temperature in the roof attic. It also helps cut down your monthly electricity consumption (for heating and cooling).
  • Vents can remove excessive moisture in the attic and thereby reduce the growth of mold. You already know how annoying mold can be.
  • Wents help you prevent ice dams during winter on your attic thanks to proper air circulation.

Vents are available in different types; here are they

Vents are installed to provide better air circulation within the attic as well as in the house. To match those purposes, they have two types of vents in the market. The vents that are located at the topmost point of the roof is called exhaust vents. On the other hand, the vents located towards the bottom-most position are known as intake vents.

Types of roofing vents

  • Ridge vents

They are exhaust vents that are located at the topmost point of the roof. The purpose of these vents is to offer a better temperature within the attic.

  • Soffit vents

They are usually found towards the underside of the roof in order to absorb fresh air to the attic.

  • Turbine vents

These vents are powered by wind and they are found at the top of the roof.

  • Gable vents

As the name suggests, these vents are placed with the gables of your house.

Well, that’s it about the types of vents and their benefits.

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