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Easy Ways to Revive a Home Without Curb Appeal

While most houses for sale have plenty of curb appeal, there are likely to be a few that just don’t have that same allure for you as it did the previous owner or seller. However, new buyers can actually boost just about any home’s curb appeal with these easy tips.

1.  Pressure Wash Exteriors

A good pressure washing to the home’s exterior can restore certain types of materials to a nearly new appearance, bringing new life into them. Take time to also clean any decking, patios, sidewalks or driveways to finish off the job. The good news: household pressure washers are inexpensive and easy to use.

2.  Paint the House

If pressure washing hasn’t revealed great results or has caused old paint to peel, it’s time to look into a high-quality exterior paint that you’ll love for years to come. Be sure to use complementary hues for trim and maximize on any interesting architectural features with your paint scheme.

3.  Reinvigorate Landscaping

If any type of landscaping exists that appeals to you and seems to harbor hope to make it another season, pull any weeds and restore soil nutrients by laying down a fresh batch of mulch atop some fertilizing soil.

Consider adding window boxes and pots symmetrically across the home’s exterior to add a pop of surprise color provided by annuals, vining plants or perennials.

4.  Repaint or Replace Doors

The front door is the highlight of the home, so why not make it stand out from the curb? If the door is in good condition, take time to repaint it and revive it. However, if the door needs replacement, the sky’s the limit. Consider glass etching, stained glass or a super-protective steel door for added security.

If you’re looking for Pasco homes for sale with existing curb appeal or those with lots of potential with a little creativity, contact Retter and Company to talk to one of our real estate professionals today.

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