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Everything You Need To Know About Wool Carpets

When it comes to carpet, there is a long list of materials to choose from. Nylon, wool, polyester, polypropylene, and acrylic are some of the popular materials for carpets. Each material provides you with a lot of benefits. But wool is considered the most luxurious material for carpeting with fantastic qualities. Here in this guide, we’ll walk you through some of the detailed pros and cons of wool carpeting to help you make the right decision whether the wool carpet is a good choice for you! Read on;

Benefits Of Woolen Carpets

  1. Durability

Made from short lengths of wool derived from sheep, wool carpets are highly durable. These lengths are then composed into long yarn dreads after twisting together. These carpets have great resilient features and this is the reason they can last for years if taken care of properly.

The inherent elasticity feature makes wool resistant to crushing. Unlike some synthetic fibers, wool carpets do not flatten down when placed underneath heavy furniture. Moreover, they have the ability to bear higher foot traffic. So, wool is the material that returns to its original thickness and shape no matter how much it faces pressure.

  1. Comfort and Warmth

When it comes to warmth and comfort, nothing can beat woolen carpets. This luxurious material acts as an insulator and keeps your house warm during extreme cold. It also helps in reducing the echoes and noises from neighbors.

  1. Flammability

Having higher ignition points, wool carpets serve as flame-retardant and are resistant to dropped cigarettes, matches, and other fire sources. This is the reason why wool carpets are widely used in commercial spaces for the safety factor.

  1. Stain Resistance

If pets or children are there in your house, your primary consideration would be to have stain-resistant carpeting.  Wool is an ideal way to overcome the scenario. It is highly resistant to stains and oils as compared to other carpet fibers.

Drawbacks Of Woolen Carpets

  1. Cost

From lower to higher, wool is available in so many qualities and the price range of every quality varies. The most desirable wool types may be available somewhere in between $5.00 and $26.00 per square foot.

  1. Invites Insects

Insects such as carpet beetles and moths naturally feed on wool fibers. To prevent these carpets from being damaged, wool is pre-treated with Permethrin — a mild insecticide. But it may be an uncomfortable way of having carpets in your home treated with a chemical.

  1. Fades Upon Prolonged Exposure To The Sun

Another downside of having wool carpets is that they fade when exposed to sunlight for so long. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have these carpets in your home. Curtains or blinds that are good at blocking sunlight could be a solution.

  1. High-Maintenance

A lot of people do not prefer buying woolen carpets because they require high maintenance. Water-based spills can be easy to clean but greasy or oily spills, however—not so much.

Is Wool A Good Choice For Carpeting?

Of course, yes! Wool is one of the luxurious fibers for carpets that are completely comfortable, natural, durable, fire-resistant, and even sustainable. Although it costs a bit higher than other carpet fibers, still it is a popular choice to opt for. These carpets will always meet your expectations when installed.

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