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Find Your Selections for the Vacuuming Process

If you need to buy a vacuum cleaner for your home but you have no idea what to buy, we offer a series of guides that can be very useful for choosing the product that best suits your needs.

The first thing to establish is undoubtedly which type of vacuum cleaner to opt for, because as an alternative to the more traditional, so- called towing models, you can decide to move towards a more manageable electric broom or a latest-generation robot vacuum cleaner , able to do all by himself. With the bissell crosswave reviews 2019 this is important that you find the best options now.

The Options

Obviously of each of these models there are different variants, more or less expensive and more or less performing, but, in general, for each family it is possible to identify specific characteristics that make it better suited to some types of environments and of works rather than others.

So let’s briefly analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each type, in order to understand for which uses each of these tools is more suitable. Once you have found the type of vacuum cleaner that is right for you, we suggest you consult the appropriate guide dedicated to it, so that you can find more details and explanations, as well as valuable suggestions regarding the best models currently on the market.

All types of vacuum cleaners

The usefulness of a vacuum cleaner, regardless of the model for which you decide to opt, is undoubted: it is an indispensable tool for home cleaning, especially for floors but not only for those. But how many types of vacuum cleaners can you find on the market today? And what are the peculiarities of each?

In general, vacuum cleaners designed for general cleaning of home environments are divided into 3 main categories, electric brooms, vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaner robots , to which are then added two other groups of aspirating products, formed by vacuum cleaners , destined to very small interventions and from the vacuum cleaner bins , which on the contrary are used for large-scale cleaning work.

The towed vacuum cleaner

The towing or cart models, if you prefer, are the most common variant of vacuum cleaners that can be found on the market, the one in whose image all automatically associate the idea of ​​”vacuum cleaner”.

These instruments are configured with a machine body separated from the brush that is used to pass the floors and to which it is connected by a rod and a flexible tube ; in this way it is possible to eliminate the encumbrance and above all the weight of the motor, which remaining leaning on the ground will follow you without problems in our movements from one room to another, also thanks to the presence of some wheels positioned below the machine body.

  • These are generally rather powerful vacuum cleaners, perfect for large house cleaning , able to remove any kind of dirt without problems, also thanks to the fact that usually supplied you have different accessories to reach high or narrow spaces, for brushing fabrics, removing animal hair, cleaning carpets, etc.

Obviously they work attached with a wire to the power socket, so with respect to a battery-operated electric broom, you will need to take into account the bulk and the length limit of the wire, but for rather long and complex cleaning operations a trolley vacuum cleaner is definitely more effective, easier to maneuver and less tiring than an electric sweeper would be.

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