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Five Tips to Help you Pick the Best Bathroom Tiles

Choosing your favourite tile is fun; however, you need to know how to put the tile together to ensure a successful bathroom project. The secret to this is to learn how to pick the right bathroom tiles. Your chosen tiles will determine a lot of things including the mood of the room and the ease of cleaning.

The majority of those who own luxury homes choose bathroom tile designs that accentuate their personal style and create a statement. If you are in the market to buy tiles for your bathroom, Ceramique au Sommet has a variety of awesome options for you. But, the tips below should be able to guide you:

 Pick a Simple Color Scheme

What color to choose depends on your personal taste and preference; however, there are some rules that still apply. Stick to just one to three colors unless you will do a themed art mosaic. Also, if you have a small bathroom, do not put too many dark tiles as they will only make the space feel cramped. Depending on what your bathroom has, you want to pick a color that works with your existing design elements in the bathroom.

Think about Smooth or Textured Tiles

Tiles are available in a variety of materials from very smooth marbles to more textured stone or ceramic tiles. You can also use tiles that have engravings or etchings or produce a dimensional aspect to the room which offers a tactile feel.

Use Tiles to Create Ambiance

Are you looking to create a Greek spa-like experience? Some homeowners prefer to have some quirkiness to their bathrooms. What tiles to choose will affect the ambiance you are looking to create. Materials such as ceramics and glass have a more modern appeal while marble is classic which makes it perfect for use in formal and spa-like bathroom designs.

Choose Tiles that Create a Statement

Bathrooms need to have a statement piece to look interesting. The statement piece can be a garden tub or the marble vanity. But, technology has made it easy to add unique statement pieces which personalise the designs. Consider scroll mosaic bathroom floor as it comes with attractive a design that instantly upgrades any bathroom.

Consider How you Will Use the Bathroom

Are you looking to use the bathroom for your children or guests? How you use the bathroom will affect the kind of tiles you pick. An upscale business bathroom or a master bathroom is lavish and with plenty of marble to create additional comfort and luxury for users.

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