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Here’s How To Never Get Brown Lawn Again

Having a garden is all fun and games until maintenance time comes along or when your entire lawn turns brown. While everyone always dreams of having a perfectly trimmed greenery right outside of their homes, not everyone knows what it takes to maintain a beautiful green lawn.

Well, lucky for you, aside from the expert gardening services Darlington from Amico, we also gathered everything we could to help you from having a brown lawn again. However, the process isn’t overnight, and it will take some knowledge, skills, and the right set of tools to ensure that your grass is always green on every side of your home.

With that said, here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know to achieve your desired grass color and to prevent it from turning brown ever again.


  • Identify The Problem


The first order of business is to identify what’s causing your lawn to turn brown despite all the efforts you have tried to do. Unless you are guilty of not maintaining your lawn properly, there are a couple of different reasons behind your lawn problems. Among the issues which may be preventing your lawn from exuding its greenery includes dehydration, improper mowing, diseases, or pests. And since these are different problems in their own right, they also have varying solutions. Below are some of the most common lawn problems along with ways to fix them.


To determine whether you have a dehydrated lawn is to know what type of grass you have. Each type of grass has a different water requirement, so it’s crucial to know which one you currently have. After that, you can measure the amount of water that comes from your irrigation system by taking four empty cans or jars and placing them at the four corners of your lawn. Once you turn on the irrigation system, measure out how much water the cans collect and if it’s sufficient enough for the grass type you have. If the measurement isn’t right, make the right adjustments so you can ensure adequate hydration for your lawn. You can get professional landscaping services Sydney from Amico along with proper irrigation system.

Chemical Burn

A chemical burn causes some brown lawns. To restore its health and natural green hue, you need to determine where irritant is and remove it by flushing the area. Run some water from a hose until it saturates on the brown spots. Let the water seep into the soil overnight and repeat the method the following day. Whatever chemical burn or irritant is affecting an area on the grass will be diluted by the water, and then you can remove the affected grassroots easily. After cleansing the area, you can then re-seed the lawn at the right time of the year.


Apart from chemical burns, diseases and fungus can also affect your grass which leads them to turn brown. If you aren’t too familiar, you can identify certain diseases on your grass through different trademarks. For instance, some of the most common fungi found in lawns take in the form of thin brown lines, slime, along with brown spots. Once you identify the particular fungi, it’s important to treat it accordingly.


  • Know The Type Of Grass


To learn which type of grass you have, it’s best to turn to an expert, such as Amico. A team of professional gardeners can tell you which type of grass will work particularly well with your current climate as well as the type of plants which will thrive best in it.

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Final Word

If your lawn problems are too much to handle, don’t be afraid to ask for an expert’s help. Otherwise, make sure to practice proper lawn maintenance frequently to ensure that your grass is always green and healthy.


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