How Long Do Garbage Disposals Last?

Having a garbage disposal unit in your home gives you the ability to reduce the amount of trash you’ll have to take out yourself. The garburator shreds anything you let through the drain, so you won’t have to put them in garbage bags. However, many people tend to overuse their units and shorten their operational lifespan.

Once the garbage disposal unit breaks down through overuse, the homeowner will need to look for a replacement if they want to experience the benefits of having a garburator again. Getting just about anything isn’t enough since the homeowner needs to look for a new model to ensure that they use a high-quality device that won’t easily break down after a few uses and some unintended abuses. 

It’s essential to look for a new garbage disposal unit when shopping for one for the first time or as a replacement and maintain the device to keep it operational for about 15 years. A well-maintained and unabused garburator will last for years before people need to replace it.

Homeowners must also be discriminate when using the garbage disposal since some people chuck whatever kitchen waste they have down the drain and end up with broken garburators and clogged drains. People must avoid throwing coffee grounds, eggshells, fibrous foods, bones, grease, and other inedible items as they’ll burden the blades and clog the drains. Homeowners will likely need emergency service from a reputable plumber to fix the garbage disposal.

The only things that people can dispose of using the garburator are non-starchy fruit and vegetable scraps, chopped foods, soft foods, citrus rinds, liquids, and ice cubes. Besides disposing only of these things, homeowners must also maintain and clean their units to keep the blades and the motor from being worn out too early.

Proper use and maintenance of the garbage disposals will ensure that the unit will last for years to come. See this article by Mr. Rooter for more information.

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