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How to choose a perfect glass canopy for your front door? 

A front door glass canopy can be one of the best additions in your house. Not only is it functional, but also contributes towards adding the aesthetic appeal. A glass canopy can keep shade around the space. Moreover, it is also necessary for maintaining the interior cool. You can choose either the frosted glasses or coloured ones. 

A glass canopy can prove to be extremely effective in the long run. This acts as a protection during the monsoon when the area is kept free of mud during rains. You should be careful while maintaining the glass canopy. These are extremely easy to maintain as well. You don’t need to put in much effort to clean and serve the area accordingly. 

The glass canopy can vary significantly in terms of size, angle, shape and colour. Whenever you are choosing the glass canopy for your front door, you will need to take a lot of factors into consideration. Some of the most prominent things to consider include the following

How will rainwater and debris drain?

Dirt and debris can get collected over the canopy when it rains. Therefore, to avoid it, you should prefer getting sliding off canopies. The slope or convex glass canopy can prevent rainfall from the entrance door. This will contribute towards a dry area for the homeowners while entering and exiting the house. You can also customise the canopy from Divetro to maintain the drainage around the area. 

How much coverage will glass canopy provide? 

While you are choosing the size and angle of the canopy, you will need to determine how much coverage will the glass canopy provide. Nonetheless, you should have sufficient space around the canopy to provide maximum coverage. You can always opt for a well-designed glass canopy to make the house energy-efficient. Glass canopy can allow sufficient heat indoors. 


If your front door is high, you need to take into consideration the canopy’s height as well. However, if it is placed too high, people will eventually be tired of it. Moreover, it won’t be a much practical design but a nuanced one. You need to place canopy at such a height to avoid heavy rain conditions. 

Aesthetic appeal

The transparent glass canopy on the front door can help to add to the classic appeal of the house. On the other hand, frosted glass canopy can help to add a minimalist design with a modern look as well. The glass canopies can help to increase sun protection around the house. 

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