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How To Choose Cleaners For Your Hardwood Flooring?

You like the way your hardwood floor shows your reflection after a good cleaning, the way light bounces off its polish softly, and illuminates your room, and surely the feel of the smooth floor beneath your naked feet. Well, what would you give to make sure that the floors’ beauty is maintained for a long time? It definitely does include the selection of the right type of cleaners and using the right cleaning methods.

Let’s discuss more about the same:

1) Choose the right products

When selecting a cleaner you must keep in mind that you are looking forward to protecting the polishing and not the wood and hence, cleaners that are good for the raw wood need not necessarily be good.

2) Read the flooring manufacturer’s warranty

This will definitely save you a good amount of maintenance expense if you read the manufacturer’s warranty carefully and thus, choose a hardwood cleaner that has been recommended. A number of misleading retail products cause irreparable damage and loss of warranty which could’ve been avoided with the usage of recommended products.

If your flooring is past its warranty period, it is still essential that you use the cleaning and maintenance products as specified because it helps you bring down the maintenance expense and any cost of refurbishing if you plan to get it refinished in future.

3) Clearly read the product labels!

When buying a cleaner, read the product description to understand the specific type of flooring that the product cleans. Some labels have clear guidelines about what the product is and what type of hardwood flooring it is meant for while some substandard products give you a generic description that is often misleading. You can contact your hardwood floor service provider and check the same with them.

4) Regular professional cleaning by experts

It is good that you understand the importance of using the right cleaners for your oil, lacquer or varnish finish but at the same time, a scheduled hardwood floor cleaning by professionals will definitely help to increase the life of the flooring. In this regard, you can contact Les Planchers Renaud et Fils and ask for a quotation.

Professional cleaning helps you remove stains that require industrial grade cleaners. Also, helps you cover all those scratches and marks on the floor that develop over the time, thereby leaving behind a flooring finish that looks as good as new.


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