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How to Control the life-threatening Dust in your surrounding

You may find dust around your home or your surrounding as a small nuisance. But these extremely tiny dust particles if controlled can cause serious damage to your health and even some form of dust can cost you your life as well. These dust may be caused due to unpaved roads, construction near your home or just can come via air from the nearby mining site. It’s very crucial to take control of the dust if you want a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

It has been reported that continues breathing of dust over some time can cause diseases like:

  • Lung Cancer;
  • Silicosis;
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD);

Moreover, diseases like advanced silicosis or asthma may take action sooner. Further, its also been reported that irregular heartbeat can arise from regular exposure to dust particles. Kids and elderly people are more prone to these diseases.

Here is what you can do to control dust

Dust suppression methods are in usage these days, which have helped large corporations to deal with dust produced due to mining, construction, blasting etc. And some of these technologies can be used for non-commercial places as well. Nowadays, some government agencies are educating people about the hazards of airborne dust pollution. They have also implemented strict laws to curb dust in residential areas. Here

Here are a few of the standard procedures to control the risk.

Control the dust

One of the simplest ways to control dust is to stop it from mixing up with the air. Standard procedures to follow:

Use Water sprays– In areas where there is heavy dust formation, it’s better to mix up water with dust clouds which damps it down back to the ground. However, water must be sprayed at the right levels otherwise it will turn everything muddy. And you will have another problem to deal with.

On-site method– Ensure that any worksite near your surrounding have Local exhaust ventilation systems installed. These systems fit along with the linework which collects the dust as it is being produced during the process.

Keep it green: you would have absorbed that parts of surrounding which are either paved or covered with grass produce less dust.

Know your laws: Construction material has to be disposed off properly, it is the duty of companies to clean the mess they have created.


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