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How To Create Dynamic Interiors With Hexagon Tiles?

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The hexagon pattern is the basis of the honeycomb pattern, which is among the most popular design inspirations. The hexagon pattern can be found on the facades of buildings, in floor plans, in garden layouts, in furniture forms, in toys, in textiles, in home décor, and accessories, as well as in hexagon tile pattern.

Hexagons have a long history in design. The six-sided hexagon has been used throughout the Middle Ages and even through the Roman Period. The hexagon was used by early Christians who believed that the hexagon symbolizes a departure from life, while other religions believe that it symbolizes the six creation days, with God resting on the seventh day. As time went on, the shape of the hexagon began to be used in architectural details.

Hexagons are also very common in interior design, especially in tile hexagon shapes and designs. You can use hexagon tiles anywhere in your home. For example, they can be used as backsplashes in the kitchen to add personality and inspiration when you’re preparing food. They can also be used to decorate a hexagon tile fireplace when you want to cozy up by the fire on a cold winter’s night. You can use them to create your ceramic non-slip tile shower floor.


The six-sided hexagon tile is timeless and versatile because it can be used in both modern and traditional interior design environments. Since the hexagon shape is a classic geometry, using a six-sided tile can only improve the look of your home. There is nothing to worry about when using hex tiles! Hexagon tiles have a stunning appearance that can definitely enhance your interiors. The tiles look delicate, but the addition of several tiles on each of its sides includes a honeycomb shape. This is one of the most durable structural compositions in the natural and human-made design world.

Hexagonal tiles are budget-friendly compared to more complex multi-tiered patterns. They are durable and hard-wearing, especially if you use porcelain tiles or cement tiles. The six-sided tile gives builders and renovators many options to choose from, as it comes in a variety of finishes and colors, as well as sizes and materials. The hexagon tiles are suitable for any style, whether subtle or bold.

If you’re looking for a Moroccan or Mediterranean-style look, a hexagon tile floor pattern would look great on your entryway, kitchen walls, bathroom walls, and more. If you’re going for a contemporary look, then a hexagon tile cuts through the straight lines typical of modern interiors. A hexagon tile can add a splash of dynamic energy to your modern kitchen, or accent your living room/dining room wall.

A small cream or white hexagon tile paired with a light color grout creates a feminine, soft, and classic look. If you pair the same tiles with a darker color grout, you can create a vintage-inspired look. For a more contemporary look, opt for oversized, dark hexagon tiles. Your guests will love the surprisingly classic look.

Don’t be intimidated by what others say about hexagonal tiles. You can use them almost anywhere.. They’re great as feature walls and kitchen wall accents.

After acquiring all the facts on advantages of using hexagonal tiles, you must be already thinking of trying them out for you next home renovation. Definitely you wouldn’t want to settle for anything lesser than the best. Click here for the best hexagonal tiles available in the market.

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