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How to Secure Your Home Windows

One of things intruders and burglars love are old and unprotected windows. To succeed at defending your home, you must play the game of cat and mouse. Having the lead in this game is quite hard, but luckily enough there are tons of tips and tricks out there for home protection.

Here are 5 ways to secure your home windows:

  1. Plant Trees and Flowers 

It is much less likely that intruders will try to enter your home if there are thorns around your window. Even if they do, you would surely catch them right in the act since they will scream in agonizing pain. 

Additionally, planting trees and flowers can increase your home’s value since modern buyers’ value curb appeal above all else. Remember to avoid tall trees since intruders can climb and enter through an open window on a higher floor. 

  1. Window Replacement 

Every kind of protection is in vain when your windows are of low quality. If they have passed their lifespans on have signs of damage like rot, leaks and cracks, consider window replacement. You can also opt for partial replacement projects like upgrading your glass. 

Technology is advancing every day and today on the market there is impact resistant glass. This type of window glass is much harder to break. In fact, while the burglar tries to break it, you will have enough time to call the police, drink a cup of coffee and watch the burglar get arrested.

  1. Motion Activated Lights 

Intruders prefer dark homes and corners. To scare them away, you can install motion activated lights or leave bright floodlights on when you are sleeping. With motion activated lighting, you will be alarmed each time a person passes close to your house.

This is very beneficial because of two reasons: First, the intruders will become scared and run away. Second, you will have enough time to prepare for a break-in.

  1. Security Bars 

Upgrading your locking system surely does help, but not as much as adding security bars and grilles. This will make breaking in much harder since even though intruders break the glass, there will be no way for them to enter the home.

Additionally, smart burglars won’t even try to get in since they know that security bars cannot be broken or cut. Remember to leave at least one window without these bars since you need to have a proper emergency exit. 

If you are worried for the aesthetics of your home, don’t be! There are tons of bars and grilles out there in various styles. Some even add aesthetical value to a home, having unique colors and forms. 

  1. Cameras 

This won’t save the actual window, but every intruder would immediately change their mind as soon as they see a security camera. This kind of protective measure is also great for police investigations. If someone breaks in and steals, you would have evidence to put them behind bars and even get your money back.


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