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Incredible ways of using ceramic tiles for your contemporary home

If you are planning to remodel your home and change a few things to add more function and style, the first task should be about setting objectives. Once you are sure of the theme, overall additions, and other changes, you can move ahead to the next step, which is about selecting right materials. Among other options, ceramic tiles are one of the most versatile materials to consider with diverse applications. Check with known supplies, such as Ceramique au Sommet Montreal, and you will realize that there is no dearth of choices in colors, finishes, and looks. In this post, we are sharing some of the best ways of using ceramic tiles for your contemporary home. 

  1. For flooring. For the unversed, ceramic tiles are manmade with clay and other inorganic materials. These tiles are fired in a kiln at high temperatures, which adds to the density and hardness. Depending on the hardness, ceramic tiles are ranked between 0 and 5. Tiles with hardness rating of 3 or more can be one of the most effective and functional alternatives to natural stones. Are ceramic tiles more durable than natural stones? While natural stones like granite are more durable, tiled floors last as long, if not more. 
  2. For kitchen backsplashes. If you want to add that extra element of accent and style to your kitchen backsplashes, there’s no better budget option than ceramic tiles. Since ceramic tiles are made as needed, you can literally find all kinds of colors, looks and finishes. You can even find tiles that replicate marble and mosaic. 
  3. For bathrooms. Besides the kitchen, ceramic tiles work well for bathrooms too. Unlike wood or concrete, ceramic tiles are water resistant and non-porous. When used for bathroom walls and counters, these tiles can last for years without any need for maintenance. Even with granite and marble, regular sealing and maintenance can add to the costs, but that’s not the case with ceramic tiles. 
  4. For the bar. If you are looking for creative, budget ways to add oomph to your home bar, this could be an apt choice. While ceramic tiles can be expensive, you can always find something that works for your budget. There are literally a bunch of finishes to choose from, no matter the rest of your home décor and theme. 

Not to forget, you can also consider ceramic tiles for your kitchen counters and worktops, depending on your requirements. 

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