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Is It Time to Consider Concrete Repair?

A lot of property owners and contractors use concrete for several applications including pavements, parking lots, patios, and driveways. However, while concrete is quite tough, it lasts forever. Because of its exposure to many elements like the weather and vehicular traffic, the material can wear down over time. When this happens, concrete repair is necessary. As a property owner, you need to be watchful of signs your concrete needs repair, so you don’t end up spending more money on replacements. These signs include the following:

Visible Cracks

Concrete cracks can be due to soil contraction and expansion because of changing weather conditions. Often, cracks are worsened by chemicals like gas, oil, and de-icing salt, which tends to penetrate through the concrete. Also, cracks can be aggravated when water seeps into them. When this happens, cracks can freeze and expand. Supreme Concrete Solutions Columbus contractors will assess concrete cracks, taking note of their depth, width, and length. Deeper, wider, and longer cracks are in a worse state.

Uneven Look

An uneven look in your concrete can be due to bad weather conditions or substandard foundation. This problem can result in serious repercussions in the future. The concrete can crumble and break, resulting in instability. When this occurs, there is a high risk of injury, so get it repaired right away.


While a certain kind of concrete can last more than a century, concrete can look faded and shabby. Apart from the rain and constant traffic, the UV rays of the sun can penetrate your pavement and oxidize the concrete surface, weakening it and resulting in cracks and potholes.

Pooling Water

If you notice that water tends to pool on the concrete areas following a heavy downpour, something could be wrong with them. Water can pool when it cannot drain naturally. When not repair immediately, this can lead to cement structure deterioration. When your concrete contractor laid the cement, they also use a waterproof coating. However, such a coating gets thin because of external elements. When you notice pooling water on concrete surfaces, act immediately by calling your concrete repair contractor.


Potholes also occur when the soil underneath the concrete surface expands and contracts. Also, they develop due to constant traffic. Keep in mind that potholes are more dangerous than cracks because they can be a safety hazard to both people and vehicles that run over them.

When you notice any of the signs mentioned above, consider concrete repair and maintenance right away. The right contractor can restore your concrete’s original state.

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