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Is Your Flat Roof Ready For The Coming Winter

All kinds of constructions are prone to damage if the temperature is too high or too low. We usually prepare our houses for summers but have you ever checked your house for being winter ready? Let us take a look at how an extremely low temperatures damage the roof of your house.

The three major constituents of roof damage in winters are;

Strong Winds

As the heavy winds blow in winters, we need to take some preventive measures to ensure that it doesn’t affect our roof. There are two kinds of hazards that arise due to heavy winds. First is that these winds might make any nearby tree or branch damage the roof by hitting it. The other hazard that arises due to strong winter winds is that sometimes, the winds are strong enough to blow away a part of your roof.

So, what can we do to avoid or decrease the probability of such damages? It is needed that we inspect the roof thoroughly before winters for any damaged or loose part of the roof. This is how when the heavy winds blow in winter, our roof will not be damaged.     

Water Leakage From Ice And Snow

In winters, we see a lot of snow, rain or even hailstorms. These harsh weather conditions not only result in the damage of roofs but it also causes leaks in your roof. This happens because the inside of the houses is warm while the temperature is very low outside. The snow melts on the roof at a very high rate resulting in leakages in your roofs.

To prevent these leakages, proper ventilation of roofs needs to be ensured and any kind of holes or small cracks should also be checked and fixed before winters to make your roof winter ready!

Damage Due To Weight Of Heavy Snow

It is important for your roof to have a proper drainage system to be ready for winters. In case of heavy snow, there is a chance for the snow to clog on the roof resulting in putting too much weight on it. Sometimes, if the roof is not strong enough or previously has been damaged, the roof falls posing a fatal hazard.

If you want to make sure that your roof is ready to bear the harsh winters, contact a roofing specialist now to get your roof checked or repaired.        

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