Kitchen renovation, affordable and as good as new kitchen!

kitchen renovation is a good alternative to a completely new kitchen in some cases, and in any case a lot cheaper. You only have the cost of the parts plus having your kitchen assembled and that is a lot cheaper.

A new look for your kitchen for a lot less money

Because when you think of such a makeover for your kitchen, you have several choices to make. View the kitchen renovation quote.

For example, suppose that the current kitchen layout is still completely the kitchen you want, and that the kitchen is still completely sturdy. Then refurbishing the kitchen is quite logical and often quite cost-effective. For the savings in kitchen costs due to a kitchen renovation, you may be able to refurbish or renovate the bathroom.

Advantages of a renovation

There are plenty of reasons to think of and put forward to choose a kitchen renovation over a new custom kitchen:

  • Renovating your kitchen will cost you less money than the price of a new kitchen.
  • It will take you less man hours to renovate the kitchen.
  • It’s easier than demolishing a kitchen and rebuilding it.
  • You don’t have to miss your kitchen for as long.
  • You can really spend your money on finishing your kitchen and not on labor.
  • The possibilities of the renovation such as finishing are growing.

That may give you a budget for a natural stone kitchen worktop such as granite. Or a beautiful composite kitchen worktop

You do not have to work on pipes in the kitchen with gas, water, and electricity.

Does it yourself?

Doing a kitchen renovation, yourself is more difficult as you replace and move more in your kitchen. When you renovate the kitchen yourself, you only have the costs of the materials and tools, and if you have this done, you also pay the man hours at 25 euros. A handy handyman spends a day replacing a kitchen worktop,assembling, and finishing new equipment, so renovating your kitchen can be a quick job. You can calculate more yourself in our kitchen calculator.

Old kitchen like new again

Another reason to renovate the kitchen is the possibility that the kitchen has simply had its day. Everything still works, but not as you would expect from a normal kitchen. The kitchen just needs maintenance. A good old brand kitchen can often be adjusted on many points and the basis is often very solid. A good functional kitchen can significantly improve living enjoyment. When renovating your kitchen, always look at your sink. When renovating your kitchen, a lot of junk is released that can possibly cause unclogging. Of course, you want to avoid that before you must unclog your kitchen sink.


The kitchen cabinets (have) painted or refinished and perhaps a different top, taps and built-in appliances can be cheaper and much simpler. Especially if the layout and functioning of the kitchen is good.

Spray kitchen doors

If you only want to replace fronts or doors, the difference can be huge. However, you can also decide not to replace them, but have them painted in a different color by a specialized company or, much better, spray them. Choose a furniture sprayer or car sprayer. This creates a completely different atmosphere in that space, and you don’t have to have anything custom made.

Kitchen worktop renovation

new kitchen worktop You can also replace the kitchen worktop or have it refurbished during the renovation. You can go to the hardware store or look at specialized companies. The prices per m² vary considerably and that mainly depends on the material. Do you take HPL or granite for example? You can also choose a concrete top. This is done more often than people think and at a party most people think you have a new kitchen.


Of course, you will renovate your kitchen for yourself, but if others will also enjoy your kitchen in the future, there is a good chance that the value of your home will increase with it. For some people, this increase in the value of the kitchen is especially important. A beautiful and good kitchen can give you pleasure and increase the value of your home. So, you quickly earn back for a kitchen to be renovated.


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