Learn About Kitchen Design Trends 2019

You need to refresh your cooking area with some innovative designs if the look makes you feel bored. The trend is now more towards elegance and usage of natural materials. Kitchen Cabinets Toronto suggests a whole new design trend to remodel the kitchen or start from scratch. You need to properly utilize the space is what all the latest trends are signifying.

  1. Properly Built Storage

People these days prefer clean designs with proper concealed storage. This is integrated well and wisely, you can make use of the space in an effective manner for building the kitchen.


  1. Natural Elements

To give the kitchen a modernized yet decent look, various natural material like natural stone is being used. Nature always gives soothing feeling and thus, designers are now giving a touch of waterfall edges or abstract canvas ceilings to balance the color and the effects.


  1. Traditional touch

Although people want a modern look, still the old vintage look has not become outdated. Rather the materials like organic basalt tiles, vintage style lightings, old fixtures are merged with the current design to give a complete study look.

  1. Colors Create Impact

To give a huge impact on the kitchen and make it look elegant, playing with colors is important. Using custom colors, the frames of the cabinet, doors and other parts can be given a different shade which ultimately matches with the whole design.

  1. Countertops Completely Free

People are more inclined towards keeping the kitchen clutter free with less amount of appliances lying on the countertop. Coffeemakers, ovens and all other appliances are places in the storage. Thus, everyone is now looking for cabinets with appliances attached.


  1. Cabinet With Bright Colors

Now everyone is moving towards bright colors rather than choosing white for their kitchen cabinets. Colors such as grey washed blues or bright green is being preferred highly. To match it up beautiful fixtures are used which are made of brass or other metals. Such designs give a lot of statement and enhance the mood of people sitting or working in the kitchen.

  1. Materials Used

In 2019, designs are more consisting of basic materials starting from wood to shiplap and more. The wood, for example, is applied to give a stylized look. These materials have their own shine and thus, if used can make your kitchen appear classic and exquisite.

  1. Ventilation without Hood

Hiding hoods are the new trend and thus, kitchen cabinets Toronto has made the client select downdraft ventilation. This gives a clean and modern look.

  1. Mixing Two Tones

One can pair wooden cabinets with colored cabinets to experiment and still would find an amazing result.

  1. Textures with Contrast

Cabinets are today designed using textured bronze inlays whereas the front is having a matte finish. This is how contrasting texture gives an interesting look to your whole kitchen.

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