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Living La Grange: Your Essential 2024 Resident’s Handbook

Only 13 miles west of Chicago is the tiny city of LaGrange. With a population of roughly 16,000 people, LaGrange has more small-town charm than a major city vibe, which is one of its key draws for many of its residents. If you want to move or buy a home in La Grange, here is all you should know about this hidden Illinois gem. Read on to learn more.

Overview of La Grange

LaGrange is an often neglected oasis for professionals and families wishing to live close to Chicago without necessarily residing in the big city itself. The city has several trendy pubs and cafés and a diverse real estate market, with properties ranging from spacious single-family homes to exquisitely constructed townhouses.

LaGrange was once a milk stop in an area that was mostly agricultural. Today, it is a well-liked community with many fantastic real estate options for potential homeowners.

Many townhomes in the city center are built in the Victorian style. However, as you move away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown areas, the architecture tends to be more Queen Anne and Prairie School, with most homes for sale in La Grange having spacious lots and nicely kept gardens.

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How is The Local Lifestyle?

Many LaGrange residents are professionals from Chicago who travel into the city for business but love the small-town atmosphere because of its proximity to the city. There is always something to do in La Grange, and most inhabitants are actively involved in the community because of the abundance of neighboring cities and attractions.

Families make up a big portion of the population of LaGrange, thus the city excels at offering fun activities and entertainment that the whole family can enjoy. Most individuals who call the city home like participating in public activities.

How is the Culinary Scene?

When it comes to good food and prominent dining establishments, LaGrange has a lot to offer its inhabitants. Milk Money Brewing is well-known among locals for its changing selection of specialty beers, brewery merchandise, and delectable pub fare.

No one does barbecue better than Q-BBQ. This fast-casual smokehouse serves only the best regionally inspired smoked meats and tasty handmade sides to its devoted patrons.

Where are the Entertainment and Shopping Spots?

There is no better spot in town for animal lovers and pet owners in the area to restock on canine and feline supplies and delights than The Urban Mutt. This specialized pet store carries everything from treats to toys to foods and accessories to make your dog feel like royalty.

If you are looking for a relaxing day at a premium spa, the Primal Oceans Salt Cave is the place to be. This one-of-a-kind day spa is in a secret spot dusted with a pink Himalayan salt cave. Like its location, the therapies available are one-of-a-kind, including an amethyst biomat and a sensory immersion zen bed experience.

What are The Fun Things to Do?

Throughout the year, LaGrange holds several popular festivals and events. The Pet Parade, a municipal tradition since 1947, brings animals and their owners to the city streets. Likewise, the LaGrange Endless SummerFest offers residents a carnival as well as gourmet cuisine and drinks.

The West End Arts Festival is another hugely popular yearly event that brings fine art buying and appreciation to LaGrange’s artists, art enthusiasts, and curious locals. Additionally, the Salt Creek Greenway Trail, which spans 25 miles of gorgeous green park, provides hiking and bike paths for people who enjoy outdoor activities.

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