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Reason to choose the Maxwell Realty Fairmount over a discount brokerage

Discount real estate brokers are growing in popularity as consumers in the housing market look for ways to save money. While the discounted brokerage fee is lower than the traditional real estate commission rate of 6%, there is a clear and significant difference in quality and service level. Maxwell Realty was founded on the belief that the client’s experience is essential in work. Maxwell Realty Fairmount strives to sell your home for the best value. After all, discounted brokerage fees can cost you in the long run.

The Maxwell Realty Difference

Marketing experience:

The founder of Maxwell Realty believed that customers deserve a luxury experience when buying or selling real estate. Over three decades, they handled $3 billion worth of real estate transactions. Assist clients in purchasing residential and investment properties in Philadelphia.

Market perspective:

No one knows the Philadelphia real estate market. They have a deep understanding of Philadelphia that can be gained through years of observing and using the market.

Customer experience:

 The core principle of Maxwell Realty is that the clients – whether buyers or sellers – deserve the best service and attention to detail they can provide every day. They have built a career and business by providing luxury real estate experiences for clients. Most discount brokers will open their doors to customers showing their homes – and that’s where the service stops. At Maxwell, they provide advice, support, and a full range of marketing services to clients, from opening doors to closing properties.

Why will you choose Maxwell Realty, you get what you pay for.

In the end, the level of service that real estate clients receive depends on them. If you want a limited scope of services – an agent that will give you a sign or a lockbox, post your property on the site. And open your door for the show – a discount broker might be the way to go if you want advice from a historical perspective Decades of knowledge of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods and real estate trends and representation gives you peace of mind throughout the sales process. Choose Maxwell Realty Fairmount, and they do more than open doors.

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