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Rubber Roofing: What are the pros and cons?

EPDM roofing is more commonly known as rubber roofing or rubber membrane roofing. It’s made by mixing recycled tires and sawdust and slate dust. It is one of the cheapest kinds of roofing in the market. There are several advantages of rubber roofing such as:

  • This process is cheapest in the market.

The biggest advantage is that it is the cheapest roofing in the market. The cost is roughly around 0.80 per square which makes it the most inexpensive roofing in the market.

  • It is easy to install.

It is very easy to install. The person or the family can easily install it themselves hence saving them the cost of hiring a professional. Even if they need a professional and hire him, he will charge less because the work is easier.

  • It is lightweight.

The process is lightweight; hence the roof of the building or the house does not need any kind of reinforcement.

  • Durability is the key.

This option is very durable and the good sheets can last as long as twenty years.

Although, there are some disadvantages as well. They are listed below:

  • Appearance is not fashionable or fancy.

The biggest disadvantage is its appearance. As the sheets are made of rubber, EPDM resembles of the inner tube of a tyre when it is unrolled on the floor. It is suitable if one is looking for the roofing for a shed or a garage. But, it is highly unsuitable for the main building.

  • Heating is a major issue.

As EPDM is made of rubber, it is generally black in colour; hence it absorbs a lot of heat which can lead to the overheating of the surface underneath it. It can be found in lighter colours for warmer climates but the cost then will be 30% extra.

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