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Should I Declutter Before Moving To A New House?

This is a good question that has a simple answer as I see it: declutter(always!) Before any move.

And I go straight ahead with my justification: not to fill the new house, a sort of flat board full of potential for good energy, with objects and things that we don’t need or other things that we keep without meaning.

Therefore, a few months before the move, we should start rummaging through every room in the house with the precise and almost relentless aim of just taking the essentials to the new home, which is not an easy task, by the way.

We live with a sense of need and very active consumption.

The human being accumulates and has an exaggerated tendency not to have only one thing of a kind, or upgrading, but keeping the old ones in a hidden corner of the closet.

Making a home move is always a tough and scary process because it’s still a surprise how many things we have at home, it takes a lot of work, and in the end, the little things become a real hell in our lives.

So, if you are moving home, enjoy going lighter! Channel the opportunity to “detach” yourself from the things you don’t need.

The ideal is to have the disposition and discipline to “wreck” the house daily. This means you need to be aware of every item you have at home.

Take courage and declutter.

You can do this organisation by sorting into 4 destinations: Trash, Donate, Use, and Store. The best thing is not to get attached; what is in good condition that you didn’t even remember existed, donate… and so on!

In the end, you will need to evaluate what was left in the Use and Store destinations. At this moment, you will begin the process of reorganising your belongings, prioritising the items of use in easily accessible places.

Those belongings should be organised in labelled boxes to facilitate future search. You can easily rent a private space in a self storage facility to store everything you need, and contrary to what most people think the prices are very affordable!

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