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Six Smart Ways to Personalise Your Home

Many new homeowners are eager to put their own stamp on their abode. After all, it’s those little personalised touches that can transform an everyday house into a warm, welcoming home. 

Think about it, when you move into a new house, almost every aspect of the decor and layout has been determined by its last owner. Now that they’ve moved on, isn’t it time that you had a go at personalising the place? 

Are you looking for a few pointers on how to customise your new digs? You’re in luck. We’ve put together a list of six great ways to create a home that’s as unique as you are. Ready to get creative? Well, let’s get started …

Enhance Your Walls with Dazzling Artwork

Are you a fine art connoisseur? Why not invest in a selection of prints or originals and transform your home into your very own art gallery? A collection of impressive art is sure to inspire many thought-provoking conversations with your friends and family members. 

Not only that, if you choose your artwork wisely, the value of your collection could grow considerably over time, allowing you to make a tidy profit in the years to come!

Replace Your Windows

Dull and damaged windows can seriously hurt your home’s kerb appeal. They can also reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the interior of your home – and contribute to heat loss. 

The simple act of replacing your windows can shave years off the perceived age of your house. What’s more, investing in new windows provides a great opportunity to customise your home. When it comes to style, you’ll have a great choice of designs and configurations. 

Today’s leading window companies offer a wide variety of colours and finishes. You can even add a stained glass design to your windows for an extra touch of finesse. 

UPVC window frames are an excellent option, thanks to their hardy construction, longevity and energy-saving properties. When it comes to glazing – double-glazing remains the most popular choice by far, providing a good level of insulation at a very reasonable price. 

Plan Your Travels with a World Map

If you’re the jet-setting type, why not invest in a print or canvas map to document your adventures … and plan your next one? You can even adorn the map with photos, quotes and mementos from your travels. 

A world map is great for reminiscing, planning future trips and regaling friends and family with tales of your travels. Not to mention, it’s a great educational tool for the budding explorers in your family. 

Spark Your Imagination with a Striking Bookcase

Are you a voracious reader? Your book collection deserves its very own wall. If money is no object, you may consider commissioning a custom, wall-mounted bookcase. You’ll be amazed at what a skilled carpenter can accomplish for you. 

If your collection (or your budget) is smaller, a ready-made bookcase, or a few well-placed shelves can do the job just as well. Add a few ornaments of your most cherished literary characters for another level of personalisation.

Add Eye-catching Stencil Art

Stencilling can be used to recreate ornate designs on walls. You can order stencils featuring images, or personalised messages. Alternatively, with just a little patience and know-how, you can even create your very own. What designs will feature on your stencil wall?

Stand Out from Your Neighbours with a Custom House Number 

A customised house number plate will make sure that your new home stands out from your neighbours’. It will also make it easier for couriers and anyone else visiting the property to find it.

When it comes to the look of the plate, your options are practically limitless. You can commission a house number plate in marble, glass, wood – or virtually any material you can think of. For an even greater level of personalisation, you may also wish to have the plate inscribed with the name you have chosen for your home. 

Thanks for Reading 

We hope you enjoyed our article and have now picked up a few helpful pointers on how to personalise your home. No matter what you decide on, we wish you every success with your home renovation projects!

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