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Smart Kitchen Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier

When you work in a kitchen, you tend to face a lot of situations that you wish you didn’t – right from kneading dough to perfection, to preventing snacks from getting soggy, to boiling eggs without cracking them and most of all getting the stains off from your microwave. A few tips and tricks can help you overcome these kitchen stress points. These hacks are so easy that you will wonder why you didn’t make your life easier by following these. 

For Round and perfect Rotis get the Rotimatic robotic roti maker

One probably never imagined a hack for round, soft, fresh and healthy rotis and thought the closest that they could come to a real roti was with the packaged rotis. The Rotimatic robotic roti maker, just changed that. Right from measuring, kneading, cooking and giving you piping hot round and puffed rotis, this is our top kitchen hack. Don’t take out word for it, check out the Rotimatic reviews to believe it. A unique, one of its kind device, Rotimatic is fully automatic and gives you delicious rotis with no compromise on health. 

Prevent spices from getting soggy by storing them with salt

Spices tend to turn soggy if kept out for a long time, especially during the monsoon due to the moisture in the air. Next time you store spices in a jar, make sure to add some salt in the jar. The sodium chloride will act as the sacrificial element and absorb the moisture, preventing your spices from getting soggy.

Boil eggs with oil to prevent it from cracking

When you start boiling eggs, pour some oil in the water before adding the eggs. This tends to prevent the eggs from breaking when boiling. 

To extract lemon juice properly, microwave them

Often, we are unable to squeeze the entire juice out of the lemon – if you microwave the lemons for 20 seconds right before squeezing them, you will be able to extract a lot of juice. This is because the lemon becomes softer and easy to work with. 

To prevent onions & potatoes from rotting, store separately

Most of us store onions and potatoes together – this is one of the main reasons they rot before time. Both the vegetables give out gas and moisture that spoils them faster than normal. To prevent this mishap, store these two separately.

To bring back crispiness in soggy chips 

If your chips or crisps have become soggy keep a tissue paper on a plate and spread the chips on it. Cover these with another tissue paper and microwave this for half a minute. This will solve the problem and you can enjoy your crisp chips.

To clean your copper utensils 

Often our copper utensils seem difficult to clean with soap and water, the cleaning hack for this is unimaginable. Use ketchup; yes you read that right! Dab it on a cloth and rub it all over the copper utensils. When you rinse this in warm water it will be as good as new. 

Coat your measuring utensils to prevent a mess

When you need to measure sticky things like honey, pancake batter the measuring cup should be coated with butter or oil first. This coating ensures that the sticky substance being measured comes right out preventing you from having to clean the mess after. 

When you drop an egg, use salt

Cleaning up a broken egg from the floor or the counter is one of the most problematic situations to deal with. After wiping it, put salt on whatever is remaining – this will soak the egg whites and then you can scoop it right off. 

Get rid of bad smell by heating a towel in the microwave

Put some Vim or dish washing soap on a kitchen towel, heat it in the microwave and then leave it in for around half an hour. Now use the same rag to clean the microwave walls, you will have gotten rid of the fishy microwave smell. 

So don’t worry about round puffed rotis and cleaning eggs off your floor. There is hack for everything. Be it buying the Rotimatic robotic roti maker or using ketchup and salt – life is going to become much easier for you in the kitchen. 

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