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Staging A Home Is Not Easy, Ask Me

I bought a house and it was my dream house. We lived in that house for a few years and our family became larger and we naturally needed a bigger house. To buy a new house, I needed to sell the present house and I thought that selling it would be a cinch. I was never more wrong. The house was not sold even after it being on the market for a whole six months. I had to make the payment for the new house which we had selected. I was not going to make it and I was totally down and out. A chance meeting with a real estate agent changed that. The real estate agent made me realize that the house was great but it was from my perspective, we needed to make the house look great from the buyer’s perspective. Great advice!

I immediately set about staging my home and it was not easy, believe me. To stage a home you need to first make the outer part or the exterior of the house look good. You need to clean the walls or if required you need to add a coat of paint to the exterior walls. I had a nice lawn that was always strewn with my lawn mower and in one end of the lawn there was junk. I had them removed, had the trees trimmed, the lawn was mowed and it started looking great. Once this was achieved I even painted the front door again. Overall the house started looking great from the exterior but the interior had to be taken care of.

I had a lot of things that I had collected over the years during my travels. The walls had our family photographs, one whole wall just for that plus we had a lot of furniture in the living room. I just rented self storage Milwaukee and packed and kept all these things there. The living room was bare except for a few chairs. But it looked a lot bigger than it actually was and this I was told is what appeals to buyers. Also I kept the doors and windows open to let in natural light and fresh air. The kitchen appliances I had them serviced, so that they were working properly and I ensured that all the faucets in the house were in good working condition and not dripping etc. A few tiles in the bathroom were chipped and I had them replaced. The bedroom walls I painted in light pastel shades and lo and behold the interior of the house became very attractive too.

In fact, I had second thoughts about selling the house but we needed a larger house and I was able to sell my house to the buyer who walked in after we had stage it.

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