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Ten Things to Consider When Going For Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is a big decision when it comes to the maintenance of your house. It not only involves a huge cost but also involves a complex procedure. A lot depends on the scope of work and whether it is a DIY project or professional handling project. There are a lot of unknowns involved in this. Experts like Roofing repair Oakville by D’Angelo Roofing gives you tips and factors to consider when you go for roof replacement.

1)    Go for an expert handler: Foremost thing that you need to do is to call an expert roofer. Take referrals from your friends, relatives, and neighbors. Search online and read reviews. Consider the factors like license, insurance, warranty, quote, hidden charges if any.

2)    The roofer must satisfy all your queries: Check details like cost of removal of old roof and installation of features like drip edges and edge metals. Check the grade of shingle roofing used and warranty offered. The roofer should come with the trash containers to remove the used materials.

3)    Take the quote before signing the contract: Ask the roofer to visit the home. A professional roofer will give you the best fit as per your needs at a minimal cost.

4)    Prepare your home: Before you leave your house, do the following things:

  1. a) Move delicate items from the exterior of your house.
  2. b) Cover the plants around your home to prevent damage.
  3. c) Close all doors and windows to prevent dust from entering the house.
  4. d) Remove furniture from the patio.
  5. e) Protect all delicate items like crockery and other breakables inside the house.
  6. f) Protect siding from scratches and damages.
  7. g) Notify your neighbors in advance.
  8. h) Ensure that roofers remove debris from your house and neighborhood.
  9. Remove old shingles: Contractor will remove old and damaged shingles and check the condition of wood underneath.
  10. Ensure re- nailing procedures: The contractor must ensure that he has re-nailed the wood boards. Check for any missing nails when removing shingles and wood boards. Proper re- nailing will ensure that the roof doesn’t look bumpy.
  11. Laying down the base: Ensure that roofer had laid down the base for the shingles and has installed a drip edge along the roof sides. He must lay down an ice and water shield also over the bottom of the roof and around the chimney. This provides protection against moisture, rot, fungal and algae growth.

8)   Shingle installation: After the base, shingles will be installed by putting nails on the overlap.

9) Roof inspection: After the complete roof installation procedure, the roofer should perform an inspection to ensure all critical aspects are done correctly.

10) Hire a professional: It is always better to hire a person who is qualified to handle the project. Reroofing is a big project which should be done with premium quality and warranty. Roofing repair Oakville by D’Angelo Roofing has years of experience in handling the reroofing project with utmost precision and care.

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