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The Best Flooring Solutions for your Family Room Remodeling

The living room which is also known as the family room is an integral part of every home, as people unwind and relax there after a long hectic day.  A living room is used to watch movies, play with children and spend some time with other family members while entertaining. Therefore, it is important to use functional and eye-pleasant material.

One of the most walked through areas of a house is the living room. But when you think about a living room remodeling, you go in a dilemma as there are different varieties of flooring materials. Moreover, questions like which one to choose? What suits best with a Floor heating system? can make you tense. Fortunately, almost any type of floor can be used in the living room for home renovations whether it is tile, carpet, vinyl or wood.

Below are recommendations for the flooring of your family room:

  • Solid Hardwood

If you have a good budget and a huge time to purchase floorings of solid hardwood, go for it. The feeling that comes from Solid hardwood cannot get from anything else. This fills the room with heat that you can’t even compare it to the carpet or anything else. There are standard exotic hardwoods and domesticated woods available in various colors. Solid hardwoods cost less compared to engineered wooden floors. The installation costs could increase the price. Solid hardwood floors can be refinished and sanded many times to hold their best value. They can last long if they are well taken care of.

  • Carpet

Carpets have been used for many years. It is still widely used as it’s economical and easy to clean. It’s also available in a variety of colors. Carpet warmth your family room visually and physically. Choose a neutrally colored carpet if you want to downplay the floors.

  • Cork

Cork is quickly becoming a famous material. It’s nature-friendly as it’s a renewable resource and softer underfoot than rear wood. It lasts very long and it cost the same as hardwood or engineered floors cost. If your budget is limited, go with laminate flooring over the engineered woods or hardwood.

  • Laminate Flooring

This is a low-cost alternative in the real world. It comes in different wood grains and finishes with a stain resistance feature. Laminates are vulnerable to scratches, particularly when furniture is moved across them. Thus, make sure to put protective buttons on the feet of your furniture to avoid scratches on laminate flooring.

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