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The Best Interior Design Trends to Try For 2019!

We’ve gathered information on the latest materials and finishes to develop this list of interior design trends to try in 2019.  There are even a few surprises!

Materials and Finishes

Every year, new materials emerge.  Well-known designer Patricia Urquiola created a collection that grabbed our attention.  The tables use tempered glass that features veins similar to those in marble.  The oval tables with asymmetrical legs are energetic and mesmerizing with the veins seemingly liquid.  This is so unexpected, it’s top of our list for interior design trends.

Color of the Year

“Nightwatch” green is a pleasing alternative to hunter and bottle greens.  It also pairs well with matte black and high-shine finishes.  Whether it is used prominently in a room or smaller touches that deliver impact, such as rugs, Nightwatch green is on trend.

Convertible Urban Dwellings

Convertible homes are the freshest and captivating trend in 2019.  From Murphy beds and multi-purpose units, more people can have homes packed with a great design that is practical.

Multi-Functional Units

The trend toward tiny homes and smaller urban dwellings has led designers to create intelligently designed, multi-purpose furnishing that pack a lot of design into a small package.  The pieces can fit into almost any space to fill the homeowners needs without sacrificing style.  For consumers, this is a very welcome trend in 2019 interior design.

Boho Returns

Boho may have never faded away but its significant presence in interior design was over a decade ago.  At the time, the richly layered look lost its fresh appeal in a climate that was drawn toward subdued, expressive design. Boho may be a surprise design trend for 2019 but it is an easy style that adds character and whimsy to interiors.


Terrazzo surfaces make the list of interior design trends for its use in mid-century modern design.  Combing marble, quartz and glass into a composite material creates a confetti-like appearance.  The trend sees the material used going beyond flooring to lamps and decorative elements.

Statement Ceilings

The statement ceiling trend is innovative and fresh.  Ceilings have not received this much attention since the ornate molded tin of the 20s.  Whether painted or lacquered, treated ceilings deliver visual impact making every space seem larger and more memorable.

Curved Furnishing

From their popularity in the 60s, curved soft furnishings are returning to interior designers’ radar.  It delivers on softness and sensuality as an alternative to rigid lines.  Curved lines are being used in table, rug and sofa designs making it a trend to incorporate into your own décor now.

Ethnic Patterns and Geometrics

Geometric patterns are always on trend.  Tribal patterns and ethnic prints cycle every 10-15 years as consumer tastes change.  We’ve added them to our list due to their ability to introduce warmth and comfort into even the smallest spaces.  The patterns breath life into a room at a time when minimalism has limited interior design.  While many don’t seek a full ethnic look, décor with small touches, such as linens and pillows, is an easy way to integrate it.


The trend toward products and manufacturing methods that leave little or no impacts on the earth and natural resources is one that we embrace.  New methods, such as repurposing leftover materials and using energy saving appliances, allows us to be more environmentally responsible.

Interior design trends reflect the creativity of designers and the tastes of consumers.  Interior designers deftly integrate these trends for memorable designs.

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