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The best ways to make tile floors shine without wax.

Having a stylish interior décor is a best practice for most homeowners. One of the most popular ways of making your floor look classy is tiles flooring. Most of the people are adapting to the stylish flooring which has increased the demand for tiles in the market. The different design styles and patterns that come with tiles make them appropriate in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, or any part of the house. Club Ceramic has the best tiles to make your house glowing and have the best style you ever wished for. Make your house extraordinarily smart by using ceramic and porcelain tiles.

However, a tile floor needs careful attention to always have them shining clean. When the tile floor is neglected, its surface turns dull and grimy due to poor maintenance. They will lose their shine when they are covered by dust that is spread by footwear or masking by stains. For this problem, many people use wax to clean their tile, but there are other ways to clean your tile floor.

  • Using ammonia-water solution.

When your floor is covered by floor stains, ammonia is the best cleaner, it cleans the stains and restores the shine on the floor with efficient results. It works well by adding a few drops of ammonia to warm water in a mop bucket. Ensure to mix well and use your mop to clean the floor. This provides the best results on baking floor stains.

  • Using soapy water.

Using warm water and soap mixed provides a remarkable result. Mix the warm water with a detergent in a mop bucket, ensure that you mix them thoroughly to achieve the best result. Once the solution is ready, use the mop to clean make the floor wet with the soapy water, and ensure to scrub hard to get all the stains off. Also, make sure to rinse with clean water.

  • Use baking soda.

Baking soda is best used to clean stains on a tile floor. Warm a reasonable amount of water. Mix the warm water and baking soda on a mop bucket. Apply the paste on your tile floor while scrubbing the stains on the surface. Once the paste is covered on the tile floor, use clean water to rinse the room.

If the stains persist, repeat the same procedure and ensure to thoroughly clean the areas with the stains. This will leave your house shining clean.

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