The Guide To The Best Wood For Fencing

Each wood has its own characteristics that fulfill the requirements of the purchaser. However, this makes it very confusing to make a specific wood choice. So to make it easier for you, below are the top wood choices for your fencing needs. Their differences will assist you in narrowing down your choices.


Cedar wood is usually in the top listings of purchase because it perfectly balances the needs of a fence procurer. It is economical as it comes under the affordable range and also doesn’t require high maintenance. While many wood fences required materials like sealants, Cedar doesn’t have to be treated as it is naturally equipped with essential oils.

But just purchasing cedar wouldn’t suffice. A check on the quality of wood offered is also necessary. In this regard, Woodspec provides high-quality cedar to tally your requirements.


Similar to Cedar, Cypress contains a natural substance named Cypretine, which gives the fence a longer lifespan. Though classified into the softwood types, it doesn’t get damaged under the normal circumstances. For the first few months, insects detain themselves from your fence but post that duration, you have to invest in insecticides. But it being mold-resistant doesn’t require fungi repellents.

When it comes to aesthetics, other woods fade into a pale grey wood color but Cypress turns honey-colored within one to two years. So you don’t have to invest in maintaining its color for a few months. But Cypress being a resident of the southwest, its transportation costs make its purchasing rate high.


Redwood is the costliest of all the three but its variant qualities make it one of the best choices. If your budget is crunched, lower grade redwood is an option. But qualities of durability and aesthetic appeal are accompanied by higher grade redwood. If you are looking forward to striking a balance then lower grade redwood can be utilized for the fence posts and higher grade for fence panels.

Each of these wood fences is going to require a sealant and wood stains to maintain its color. Implementing these techniques will prevent moisture of the surface and protect it from direct exposure of sun rays.

With this, you have all the information to make the right wood purchase. All woods mentioned above are compatible to fit the best wood fence category. But your choice of cost, type, and quality separate each wood.

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