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The Pros and Cons of swimming pools

In Australia there are more than a million backyard pools making us the nation with the largest per capita pool ownership pools anywhere in the world. It’s no surprise that Melbourne residents love entertaining their guests outside during the warm seasons, and a pool is always popular for visitors.

Do pools really boost the worth of the house when the time comes to sell it, considering the constant in ground pool costs of the ownership of a pool? The pros and cons are listed below.


Lifestyle Factor:

Outdoor living is always trendy. The construction of homes is altered more often to ensure that outdoors and indoor spaces are seamlessly integrated. Alongside providing a home with a huge impact, beautifully designed pools are an ideal space to entertain guests and family. People who love hosting parties are more likely to spend more on the pool.


For pure pleasure, the beauty of a pool is simply unbeatable. Beautiful wall colours or patterns on tiles, such as crystal sapphire, azure, or geometric patterns, can make an enormous impact. In addition to creating a fun environment are the decks, paving stones sculptures and plants. A beautiful pool is more attractive than one that is quickly constructed and looks odd.


Swimming pools are an ideal option for families with children since they keep kids comfortable and happy all through summer, and makes supervision easy. Making sure that children are ready to go to the pool or beach is also less of a hassle. When the weather is pleasant and the pools are well lit, they are able to be utilized both all night and day.



The maintenance of a pool is essential and this is not a small amount. The pool must be maintained in good condition This is a time-consuming and laborious process. Additionally, more maintenance and labor will be required the older the pool. The pool must be properly maintained to ensure aesthetics, practicality as well as safety. Because of this, investors should stay clear of pools because they don’t want to depend on tenants to keep an area that is labor-intensive.


These expenses can easily be within the range of thousands of dollars each year, and if your pool has been heated they can increase. When buying a house that has pool buyers need to consider the costs of maintenance like cleaning, chlorination and pumping. Furthermore the older pool is more likely to require maintenance on their structure. The expense of filling a pool can increase in the near future due to the fact that the cost of water increases during dry summer months.

Prioritize safety

The ownership of a pool comes with an enormous amount of paperwork and with reasons that are legitimate. A child safety barrier is required for all pools deeper than 30 centimeters. The construction of the pool as well as the construction or alteration of doors, fences, or gates, require permissions. The pool and its barriers must be maintained in good order regardless of age, gates must be self-closing and self-latching. A gate that is closed with props is also not permitted. A fine of $5,000 will be given for any violation or violation of rules.

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