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Tips to Bring the Tropical Décor Trend inside Your Home

If there is one home décor trend that is spreading like wildfire; it is the tropical décor trend. Inspired by natural beauty; this fun, fresh and mood uplifting trend adds a big dose of kitsch to any ambiance. It is basically a floral design but in a completely new way. Let’s check out a few tips to infuse it in your home.

Be as daring as you like

Bold prints and patterns are the way to go for embracing this décor style. These prints are often loud but never tacky. For instance, banana leaf wallpaper, luxe green leaf pattern, etc. are just some ways to create the right wow factor. Shades like darker, blue-green and pure yellows create a subtly layered scheme which blurs the indoor and outdoor line. Adding splashes of bright colors like pink or red make the entire ooze vibrant.

Add the right accessories

The glamour and style of any décor are made perfect with the right accessories. Modern fan outlets along with modern contemporary tropical style fans form a perfect pairing. Adding metal finishes like that of brass adds refinement to the entire décor amidst the seemingly loud floral prints. Accessories like scones, side tables, faucets, mirrors are perfect avenues to infuse the brass hue.

Embrace plants

The easiest way to infuse the lushness of tropical décor to any ambiance is by adding in houseplants. Done right; they take the design element to an all-together different plane. Apart from it, they help in freshening the room’s air and make it fresher and inviting. You can choose large leafed plants like the fiddle leaf fig which gives a jungle-like vibe. Indoor rubber plants are another terrific option. Their black-green leaves look extremely sophisticated and graphics. You can even find bamboo inspired ceiling fans to match the décor in your room.

With these tips; it is very easy to create the tropical style décor in your home.


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