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Various Types of Pipe Fittings for Plumbing

To make certain everything works efficiently, there are different kinds of pipes fittings for the common pipes system. Following are the most typical types of fittings:

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  • Adaptor

Adaptors attach pipes that are not the very same type. Because an adaptor can be female or male on one end, it can turn a pipe woman or man.

If ends are non-threaded, they are left to be soldered, bonded, or glued to the pipe. Adaptors are utilized for PVC, as well as copper piping.

  • Barb

A barb connects hoses to pipes. It is typically male at one end. The other has a barbed tube, which is jagged, as well as a conical cone.

It may have a sort of clamp to maintain it secure. Barbs are made from plastic if they carry chilly water and brass if they lug warm water.

  • Coupling

A combining makes it easy to link two pipelines that have the very same diameter, as well as are the same type. It’s likewise used to fix a dripping or broken pipeline. In addition to a typical combining, two other kinds are compression combining and slip combining.

The compression installation is attached between two pipelines by means of gaskets or rubber seals on both sides which stops dripping. A slip coupling includes two pipelines, among which moves out of the various other pipes to a numerous length, to repair a certain size of the damaged pipe.



A cross fitting has openings on all four of its ends as well as can link four pipes. Cross fittings include three inlets as well as an electrical outlet or three outlets as well as an inlet.

Because they are the connecting factor for four pipes, they are under more pressure than other kinds of fittings and are usually built tougher than other fittings.

  • Double Touched Bushing

This is a sort of nipple; however, it has threading on both the exterior and the inside. Because this center opening is threaded or touched, from both leading as well as the bottom, it’s described as double-tapped.

A double touched bushing is also a sort of reducer but does not have a reducer’s flexibility. A double touched bushing is generally women.

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